Upcoming Telecom Regulations, Enea Announces New Threat Detection SDK, And Spyware Strikes Again

Welcome to Enea’s video series of conversations on cybersecurity in the telecoms sector. Hosted by HardenStance Founder & Principal Analyst, Patrick Donegan, TrustTalks features experts in cybersecurity, signaling and mobile messaging security.

Season 2, Episode 4

A New Approach to Telco Security

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AI, Securing Networks in Conflict, and How Regulators Can Better Understand Mobile Signaling Vulnerabilities

Enea Senior Industry Analyst Laura Wilber will share some of Enea’s latest insights on AI with our host, Patrick Donegan, and tease fresh intelligence on the involvement of mobile networks in conflict. She’ll be joined by Enea VP and Head of Government Relations Rowland Corr, who will share details on a new handbook designed to help regulators and operators understand and address signaling vulnerabilities.

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Upcoming cybersecurity regulations in the telecom sector, and Enea’s new Threat Detection SDK

  • CyberSecurity regulations in the telecom sector: How can regulators enforce them? The telecom industry has seen a slew of cybersecurity regulations impacting telcos, including the UK’s TSA, and EU’s NIS2 Directive. What are the next steps for regulators and operators? Are the right capabilities in place to enable compliance?
  • Visibility. Integration. Performance: Enea’s revolutionary Threat Detection SDK. Enea has just released a new Threat Detection SDK, an intrusion detection system in the form of an SDK. Laura explains how Enea’s pivotal technology provides enhanced visibility of the network and enables the creation of custom rules tailored to specific network environments.


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Spynote: Android Spyware Strikes Financial Institutions

At the end of July, researchers announced the discovery of an aggressive campaign using Android ‘Spynote’ spyware for banking fraud. Rowland and Patrick will explore this campaign in the context of other mobile spyware threats out there, including Pegasus spyware and signaling-borne location tracking.


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Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst at HardenStance

Patrick Donegan is Founder and Principal Analyst with HardenStance, a leading industry analyst firm providing trusted research, analysis and insight in telecom and IT security. HardenStance provides consulting services, public speaking services and leading analyst reports on cybersecurity risk and solutions across the telecom sector and broader enterprise markets. HardenStance openly supports the work of key industry associations, organizations and SDOs including NetSecOPEN, AMTSO, ETSI, the GSM Association and OASIS. HardenStance is also a recognized Cyber Threat Alliance ‘Champion’.


Laura Wilber, Senior Industry Analyst at Enea

Laura provides strategic planning support to company executives, R&D teams and Product Management through market, technology and macro trend research and analysis. Her technology focus areas include cybersecurity, IT/CT/OT network convergence, IIoT and critical infrastructure, and advanced analytics (AI/ML). Laura also serves as an advisor on regulatory compliance, sustainable innovation and ethics in environmental & social governance matters.

Rowland Corr


Rowland Corr, Vice President and Head of Government Relations at Enea

Rowland helps cybersecurity agencies, regulators, and other government stakeholders evolve and execute their national cybersecurity strategies. Prior to joining Enea, Rowland served in Ireland’s Department of Defence in interdepartmental advisory and international engagement roles on security matters such as cybersurveillance, non-proliferation, and hybrid threats.

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