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Enabling Linux for Real-Time on Embedded Multicore Devices

Linux white paperLinux is the OS of choice for new platforms in the embedded software industry. This white paper is about real-time fundamentals, and three different approaches to enhance the real-time characteristics of Linux. 

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Enea Linux for PandaBoard

Download Enea Linux for PandaBoard freeEnea Linux is a Yocto-based Linux distribution targeted for communication and networking solutions.

You can download Enea Linux for PandaBoard for free! 

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Webinars on demand

Enea webinarLTE Components Drive Multimode Mobile Broadband

The availability and performance of LTE components are becoming a critical issue as carriers move ahead with LTE deployments. Highly integrated devices using the latest silicon technology are transforming this market...

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Open source tools in Enea Linux

Open source tools in Enea Linux video

This video demonstrates the Yocto Project open source development tools which are shipped with Enea Linux. 

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