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Our IoT connectivity solutions work in concert with other IoT enablement platforms.

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Our IoT connectivity solutions

Enea’s IoT solutions: Our IoT connectivity solutions are based on the Enea Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP) for IoT. They are the critical link that brings IoT applications to life and helps customers secure and take full advantage of their IoT investments.

We primarily deliver our groundbreaking IoT connectivity solutions as a unique instance per customer hosted in the public cloud.

Our Role in the IoT Solutions Ecosystem

An investment in Internet-of-things (IoT) should always be driven by a business decision. There are many business drivers, such as:

  • Making the organization more effective
  • Streamlining and rationalizing operations
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Differentiating the business from competitors

IoT solutions are all about increasing profitability.

Enea IoT Connectivity solutions role in the IoT solutions ecosystem

We divide IoT solutions into five levels (L1-5), each with its respective sub-levels. It starts with the endpoints or all the “things” connected to the internet (L1).

Endpoints are connected to the network level (L2), where we mainly find different radio technologies.

The network-level connects the endpoints via the IoT connectivity level (L3) to the IoT application enablement level – the IoT platform (L4). Aptilo’s IoT connectivity solution works in level 3 and intelligently authenticates and authorizes endpoints in cooperation with the IoT application enablement platform.

The IoT application enablement platform (L4) aggregates device data and creates the logic to make decisions. Actions are triggered based on the data from the endpoints or input from other systems. Analytics, monetization, and integration with other systems are also features that are usually managed at this level.

All the previously mentioned layers are needed to enable the IoT application layer (L5).

We use a special flavor of the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), we call it Aptilo SMPIoT, to create our IoT connectivity solutions. The Aptilo SMPIoT acts as a glue between level 2 (networks) and 4 (IoT application enablement). When it comes to security, you are covered. Secure connectivity in demanding environments is one of the things we do best.

Simply put, Aptilo helps you enable and secure IoT services. The Aptilo SMP, trusted by more than 100 operators, intelligently connects “things” with IoT platforms.

IoT Connectivity – Cloud or No Cloud?

Security and privacy are critical in the IoT industry. It is crucial to prevent manipulation of IoT applications and unauthorized access to your or your customers’ Big Data.

When everything is connected, it is more important for service providers to be able to put their customers in the driver’s seat so that they can manage their policies and security settings. This is one of the many reasons we go “cloud-first” with our IoT connectivity solutions delivered from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Currently, we offer two award-winning services from the cloud:

But of course, if you want to run the Aptilo SMPIoT from your own data center, we will not stop you.