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Cellular and Wi-Fi
IoT Connectivity Services

Game-changing and secure IoT connectivity, for operators that want to innovate in the IoT era, delivered as a service.

The traditional way to build everything from ground up is the paradigm of the past. The new modern way of thinking is to maximize the current investments, by adding services delivered from the cloud to what you already have. This is the sweet spot for our IoT connectivity services. And they are designed for high scalability, with automatic processes for on-boarding of new customers and APIs for customer self-service.

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Aptilo is now a business unit of Enea, but we haven't quite moved in here yet. Please go to for a more comprehensive understanding of our products and solutions.

Cellular IoT Connectivity

Aptilo IoT Connectivity Control Service (IoT CCS)

Aptilo IoT CCS adds a flexible, smart and secure IoT connectivity control layer on top of any current and future mobile core. Operators can deliver innovative IoT services in days rather than months, at a fraction of the alternative cost. 


Wi-Fi IoT

Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Ever tried to on-board a device to a Wi-Fi network? It is a painful manual process and a show stopper for an IoT mass-market based on Wi-Fi. Our authentication service makes this process automatic and secure by utilizing the certificate that already exists in the device. It’s zero-touch!