Policy and Access Control

Enea Access Manager

Authentication and Authorization on Cloud Scale for all System Generations and Access Networks

The Enea Access Manager provides the AAA and AUSF functions in 4G and 5G networks respectively, with authentication and service access capabilities. The highest standards of security and reliability are essential for cloud-native solutions and provided with this product.

The Enea Access Manager is cloud native from initial design, and builds on more than 15 years’ experience delivering subscriber applications to Tier 1 network operators. With an architecture optimized for virtualization and cloud deployments, the Enea Access Manager provides the high availability and scaling capabilities required for 5G services. It also supports all use cases based on 4G and Wi-Fi access.

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Use same product for 5G, 4G, 3G, WI-FI, and fixed networks

Access-agnostic features that support all use cases and introduce new services effectively

Choose any virtualization platform

Multiple deployment options in private data centers or in the public cloud

Build on a truly cloud-native architecture

Scalability for billions of devices and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second

Key features:

  • Enea Rules Engine for easy integration with network elements from other vendors

  • Zero-touch operations using self-management features and standard management tools

  • Comprehensive support for use cases, from Voice over Wi-Fi to 5G standalone operation

  • Co-location with the Enea Data Manager, and ancillary add-ons including ENUM

  • Compliance with the 3GPP Release 15 standard for AUSF and AAA functionality


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