RadiSys and Enea Set the ‘New Standard’ for Delivering Integrated, Managed ATCA Platforms to the Market

Innovative System Manager enables Telecom Equipment Manufacturers to realize dramatic savings in R&D cost, time and risk- and represents a milestone in the evolution and adoption of COTS ATCA platforms in the market

Hillsboro, Ore. and Stockholm, Sweden – January 28, 2009 – RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), the leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, and Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a leading provider of network software and services for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), today announced the release of the Enea System Manager, a first-of-its-kind, platform management solution, designed for the RadiSys Promentum® ATCA 10G platform. Enea System Manager is an entirely new product category for the ATCA space, providing TEMs with an out-of-the-box level of integration with the RadiSys Promentum ATCA platform not previously available. For the first time, TEMs have access to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform offering that provides configuration, monitoring, control and platform software upgrade for the entire ATCA system, saving TEMs up to 54 man-months in development time. With this unprecedented reduction in R&D cost, time and risk, TEMs can now determine how to best leverage these savings to accelerate time-to-market or allocate critical resources elsewhere.

"As more TEMs adopt ATCA, the key issue becomes standardizing and outsourcing not just the hardware, but also the software stack up to the application layer," said Eric Heikkila, Director of the Embedded Hardware & Systems Practice at VDC Research Group. "The promise of ATCA is that it enables TEMs to obtain compute platforms effortlessly, cost effectively and quickly through outsourcing, reserving their development efforts for applications. With System Manager, Enea and RadiSys have hit the mark in the realization of that promise, and we see this as an important step forward to drive ATCA adoption."

Enea System Manager is the only comprehensive, pre-integrated, pre-modeled platform management application for the ATCA platform. It is delivered integrated with the RadiSys platform, leveraging the RadiSys Promentum APIs and HPI interface, and as a result is ready for integration into an overall Element Management System for TEMs. Additionally, System Manager can be customized and extended with a unique Software Development Kit, to include custom management of applications and/or other software in a network element. This allows a single, unified management model for the deployed network element including the underlying RadiSys ATCA platform and end user application, which to date has been a costly, time consuming, but invaluable design, normally done in-house.  

"We designed the Enea System Manager to help TEMs eliminate an integration effort that they've traditionally had to use precious engineering resources to solve over and over again," said Per Akerberg, COO, Enea. "For the COTS hardware and software market to grow, it's imperative that leading companies in the ecosystem collaborate to deliver innovative solutions, such as System Manager, that truly make a difference. Since the COTS hardware is completely known, in terms of its configurability and manageability, it just makes sense to deliver, with RadiSys, ATCA systems as fully managed and easily upgradeable systems, off-the-shelf, as they should be." 

System Manager provides the following powerful capabilities:

  • Centralized, simplified consistent and persistent management of the RadiSys Promentum ATCA platform, delivered with a hierarchical, extensible system model
  • Hardware monitoring, command and control with standard northbound interfaces (CLI, HTTP, SNMP) for immediate integration into an overall Element Management System
  • The industry's first centralized, automated in-service update of chassis-wide system software for ATCA systems
  • Alarm management support for standard Telco Alarm handling and notification
  • Complete X.731-conformant State Management infrastructure and services

"As the leading supplier of ATCA platforms, RadiSys has already leveraged its significant expertise in the integration of ATCA hardware, operating systems and middleware on behalf of its customers," said Anthony Ambrose, RadiSys Vice President and General Manager, Communications Networks. "We saw the opportunity to take that integration to the next level, and in collaboration with Enea, we've applied our best practices of integration and innovation to offer System Manager, bringing even greater time-to-market advantages to TEMs."   

"As TEMs adopt COTS building blocks such as ATCA hardware, they are continuing to define their strategy at the OS and middleware level," said Lee Doyle, Vice President and General Manager, Network Infrastructure, IDC. "Enea and RadiSys have collaborated to provide a fully extensible ATCA platform management solution that will provide TEMs with the ability to reduce risk factors and missed opportunity costs associated with OS and middleware integration. This is a good concept and I will be closely following the System Manager market adoption and how this shifts the needle towards a realized COTS ecosystem." 

The Enea System Manager will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress, February 16-19, in Hall 2, Enea Booth #E36. For more information, visit   

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