Enea Introduces Enhanced Scheduling and Resource Allocation Framework

Enea OSE is the First Real Time Operating System to Offer an Innovative  Framework Ensuring Reliable and Optimized Embedded Systems based on Contracts (FRESCOR).

Enea® (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a global software and services company focused on solutions for communication-driven products, today announced that its Enea OSE is the first real-time operating system (RTOS) to be integrated with the Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on Contracts (FRESCOR).  The combined Enea OSE and FRESCOR solution will allow developers to build optimized and reliable systems for a wide variety of application markets from media to mobile phones. 

The Enea OSE and Contract Framework solution allows applications, including those from third-parties, to request the system resources required for their maximum quality of operation. Using the same contract methodology the system can then guarantee that the application will receive those resources regardless of any intervening factors or it can propose an alternative contract.   

"The advanced scheduling technology that we have been developing with the FRESCOR consortium delivers reliable applications and systems that run at the highest levels of quality – guaranteed", said Per Åkerberg, president and CEO at Enea. "In addition, the framework offers an innovative method of system integration well suited to markets where many software components are delivered as a single device such at mobile phones and communications infrastructure."      

FRESCOR is a consortium research project funded in part by the European Union's Sixth Framework Program. Its main objective is to integrate advanced flexible scheduling techniques directly into the embedded systems design methodology.  This is achieved by creating a contract model that specifies which are the application requirements with respect to the flexible use of the processing resources in the system, and also what are the resources that must be guaranteed if the component is to be installed into the system, and how the system can distribute any spare capacity that it has, to achieve the highest usage rates for the available resources. 

Enea OSE, Enea's flagship RTOS, is a modular, high-performance, full-featured real-time operating system optimized for complex distributed systems requiring the utmost in availability and reliability. Enea OSE's pre-emptive real-time response, memory protection, supervision, error handling, and run-time program loading make it ideal for building fault-tolerant distributed systems that offer true deterministic real-time behavior with five nines or higher availability.