Enea Announces dSPEED Platform

The First Commercial Software Platform for Managing High Performance DSP Clusters

Stockholm, Sweden, and San Jose, Calif., Oct. 16, 2007 – Enea (Nordic Exchange/Small Cap/ENEA), a leading provider of network software and services, today announced the availability of dSPEED Platform™, the first commercial high availability platform designed to manage clusters of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

High performance digital signal processing is critical to delivering the computationally intense applications and services that consumer’s demand. In network equipment categories ranging from baseband processing to wireless base stations to advanced media gateways, designers are increasingly relying on DSP clusters to achieve the kind of scalable, performance oriented architectures that simply can not be replicated in FPGA or ASIC-centric designs.

“Up until this point, the absence of a commercial software platform targeting advanced DSP applications has left network equipment designers saddled with the high cost and risk associated with writing their own DSP management software,” said Virginia Walker, vice president of marketing and strategy at Enea. “With the release of dSPEED Platform, Enea has accelerated the delivery of DSP-based applications, making DSP cluster management significantly less cost-prohibitive and more efficient for our customers.”

The dSPEED Platform extends the capabilities of Enea’s industry leading DSP real-time operating system OSE ck™ with a complete set of DSP management services that include: start up and configuration, error handling, monitoring and supervision, event notification, logging and tracing, diagnostics and statistics and remote debugging. It provides a comprehensive suite of inter-process and network communications technologies. Additionally, it can be integrated with Enea’s high availability middleware platform to provide carrier-grade services to remote DSP nodes in the data plane.

“Enea’s dSPEED Platform offers a valuable set of services that address real customer needs,” said Greg Tiedemann, director of ATCA business development at Mercury Computer Systems. “The ability to monitor and report DSP status and performance, coupled with enhanced system maintenance, will help to improve our customers’ R&D experience and accelerate their time to market.”

Enea will be demonstrating the dSPEED Platform running on both Mercury Computer Systems’ Ensemble MTI-104 Quad TI DSP AMC module and Embedded Planet’s EP8548A AMC processor board at the upcoming AdvancedTCA Summit to be held in Santa Clara, California on October 16 – 18, 2007. Conny Ohult, director of product management at Enea, will also discuss the platform in a speaking session at the event entitled, Accelerating Data Plane Application Development on ATCA.

”The powerful combination of our leading EP-8548A AdvancedMC platform, along with the Enea dSPEED Platform host management system delivers a strong value proposition for managing DSP farms,” said Tim Van de Walle, marketing manager at Embedded Planet.

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