Enea Adds Fault Tolerance to Polyhedra FlashLite Relational Database Management System

Flash-based, embedded real-time RDBMS features full redundancy, instant failover, and hot upgrades

Stockholm, Sweden, and San Jose, Calif.,- July 28 2008 – Enea, a world leading provider of network software and services, today announced the availability of new fault-tolerant capabilities for its Polyhedra® FlashLite relational database management system. The flash-based embedded RDBMS now offers full redundancy with instant failover and reconnection, making it ideal for applications requiring five nines or higher availability. Polyhedra FlashLite also features "hot upgrades" and supports two new platforms, Windows Vista and VxWorks 6.x. 

Polyhedra FlashLite is the industry's fastest and most compact flash-based SQL relational database management system (RDBMS). Featuring a client-server architecture, active queries, and a powerful trigger language that allows "business logic" to be embedded in the database, Polyhedra FlashLite utilizes flash data storage and delivers substantially higher performance than traditional disk-based RDBMSs. Polyhedra FlashLite's high performance, high availability, compact size, and ability to utilize flash memory make it ideal for stand-alone, low-power devices such as feature phones, and disk-less systems such as home gateways and set-top boxes. 

"Polyhedra FlashLite is the benchmark for full-featured, flash-based, embedded RDBMSs," said Dr. Nigel Day, product manager for Polyhedra. "The addition of fault-tolerant and hot-upgrade facilities makes Polyhedra FlashLite ideal for high-performance, high-availability systems with tight cost, power, and size constraints." 

Polyhedra FlashLite is a transactional RDBMS that provides a secure, high-performance data repository for embedded systems applications. Featuring a small code footprint, Polyhedra FlashLite supports both high-speed NOR and low-cost NAND flash. It also utilizes a cache-based design that boosts performance by up to an order of magnitude relative to conventional disk- and flash-based RDBMSs. 

Polyhedra FlashLite occupies less than one Mbyte of RAM for both code and working space, and can utilize disk or flash memory for data storage. Because the code is ROMable, and the cache size is controllable, designers can reduce RAM usage to as little as 200 kbytes. The ability to utilize flash memory for data storage greatly reduces size, battery requirements, and cost, all key factors for stand-alone, low-power devices such as feature phones. 

Polyhedra FlashLite utilizes standard SQL, an easy-to-use, database-independent data manipulation and query language that supports simple single-table queries as well as complex queries spanning multiple tables. Polyhedra FlashLite is also ACID compliant (atomic, consistent, isolated and durable) and employs a client-server architecture that improves data integrity and resilience by separating data from the applications that use it.  

Polyhedra FlashLite's active, event-driven technology makes databases more robust, simplifies applications, and en­hances performance. Active queries provide a fine-grained SQL push technology that notifies applications of data changes as soon as they occur. This eliminates the need for polling, thereby reducing processor usage.  

Polyhedra FlashLite supports active, triggered, database-resident code, which enables application-level data integrity rules to be built right into the database. Embedding "business logic" in the database in this way not only improves the overall 'correctness' of the information in the database, but also improves programmer productivity by reducing the amount of code needed in the applications. 

Polyhedra FlashLite is part of the family of Polyhedra database management products, which also includes the high-performance, in-memory Polyhedra RDBMS. All Polyhedra databases share the same code base and can communicate transparently with each other, regardless of version. They also support "hot upgrades", which enables users to migrate to the latest Polyhedra technology with zero down time. For example, with Polyhedra FlashLite acting as a standby to a Polyhedra IMDB server, Polyhedra customers can migrate to Polyhedra FlashLite without interruption. 

The Polyhedra family is available for a broad range of operating systems, including Enea OSE®, VxWorks, Integrity, Linux, Windows and Unix.