Since 1969, Enea has been a premier real-time embedded consulting company and avionics has been a core factor of that growth. Today, our avionics capability in system engineering, requirements, architecture, design, code, verification, life cycle management, certification, DO-178B/C; DO-254 processes/training, and DER approval makes us capable of delivering full solutions to your aviation programs across the entire development lifecycle or at any point therein.


Enea’s involvement with the Avionics Sector features some of the most important global leaders in the industry, with international recognition for the quality of our services. If it pertains to avionics systems, software, or complex electronic hardware, chances are Enea has already done it.  We certainly have the experience to support your development programs, no matter what the intended function may be.  We develop and manage full solutions of almost any scope.


Enea is one of the largest independent highly-complex systems and software companies performing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification on the most critical system functions requiring the highest reliability. Enea bases its internal processes on the FAA recognized standards of SAE ARP-4754, ARP-4761, RTCA DO-178B and DO-254 compliance.

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Combining excellence, high quality and innovation, Enea provides best in class avionics systems design, development and FAA process compliance.

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The landscape of aviation products is changing and Enea has been consistently involved in the latest, emerging aerospace technology. Our consultants dependably help our clients choose the most appropriate combination of requirements, system and software architectures, emerging and established programming languages.

Our experienced team of engineers and managers can assure that your avionics systems and software solutions will provide the right function at the right time, while completely complying with the strictest requirements of the appropriate regulatory agencies worldwide. We have a rich history of accelerating development and helping our clients deliver on time and within contracted budget. Enea is proficient in complex systems management, development and certification using a wide variety of programming languages and associated tools. We’ve even created custom tools for specific jobs that require them!


Engaged program management, requirements, architecture, development, verification and validation under superb project management provide for the best solutions that include mechanical and electronic hardware interfaces, in-system testing, tracing and support of the all certification aspects and their associated documentation and communication.


The Designated Engineering Representative (DER) is extremely important to the success of your aviation program. Enea offers professional, reliable certification services and assembles the right, advanced DER talent to provide the most modern, timely assistance to ensure your aviation products are certified as quickly as possible. We encourage our clients to engage the DER early so as to minimize any re-work.