Commercial NFV Value through Open Source

Sometimes it is lonely out there. Especially in Telecoms and Networking, when you must deliver extreme system performance, speed, footprint, management and low cost of ownership. At Enea, we realized early on that the NFV network edge would require industry collaboration in order to spur innovation and growth, and pioneered the adoption of the Open Platform for NFV Project (OPNFV).

By Fredrik Ehrenstråle

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Enea's Commitment to Open Source

Enea’s commitment to open source not only advances development and deployment of NFV, but brings great commercial value to customers of Enea software, with zero lock-in, multi-vendor choice out-of-the-box, and optimal integrations and configurations for each specific use case.

OPNFV was initiated by the Linux Foundation in 2014 with the ambition of being a carrier-grade, integrated platform enabling rapid products and services growth to the industry, and speed up NFV development and deployment. OPNFV works closely with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI or ETSI NFV) and others to press for consistent implementation of open standards.

OPNFV is emerging as a de facto standard for NFV, with several of the world’s largest operators and equipment manufacturers as active project members, including Enea.

A Top Contributor to NFV Innovation and Growth

Enea invests heavily in OPNFV and is one of the top code contributors, taking an active part in accelerating innovation and service deployment, reducing costs and increase flexibility and agility. Recent achievements include:

  • Playing a key role in OPNFV achieving the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) badge for security work.
  • Having committers in 4 different OPNFV projects.
  • Having contributing to all OPNFV plugfests.
  • Announcing Enea NFV Core as the first commercial NFV platform based on OPNFV, with the first complete commercial implementation of the OPNFV Doctor HA framework. 
  • Having improved upgradability, updatability, and configurability in OPNFV.

A Provider of Architectural Choice

One of Enea’s favorite topics is multi-architecture support, and offering architectural choice, with greater flexibility to ensure a “best fit” for performance, cost and power consumption.

In early 2015, Enea and Arm collaboratively announced the first Arm-based OPNFV reference implementation. Later that same year, Enea opened one of the world’s first Arm powerd Pharos Labs, providing the OPNFV community with a head start on early server development work. Enea is also founding participant of the Armband project, which was awarded the OPNFV Directors Award in 2016.

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