We provide leading vendors of medical devices with robust and innovative operating system solutions, both for real-time and Linux based systems.

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Adding Runtime Expertise

How do you manage the sophisticated runtimes you need to add intelligence and connectivity to your medical devices? And how do you simultaneously keep focus on your application development without the operating system platform becoming a distraction?

With a runtime expert like Enea to help you. Our reliable RTOS and Linux solutions for medical is supported by all the expert services and technologies you need for a successful project delivered on time.

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Use Cases

Enea's operating system solutions are used in these product categories among others: 

  • Infusion pumps
  • Robotic surgery devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Liquid chromatografy devices
  • Blood analyzers
  • Biometric sensors

Customer Case: Advanced runtimes for robotic surgery

A major device vendor in the medical space needed a high-performance operating system solution for a new platform to its surgical robots performing cataract surgery. They turned to Enea for a complete solution including components, integration and customizations. This case study describes how the customer benefited from Enea's profound expertise through shortened development time, significantly reduced risks, and an optimized runtime providing improved hardware utilization.

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Enabling Real-time in Linux

White paper

Linux was not designed for real-time, but there are different ways to improve the characteristics and overcome its limitations. This white paper shows how.

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The Multicore Challenge

White Paper

The Multicore Challenge to Real-Time Embedded Operating Systems: How to Scale With Maintained Performance and Determinism.

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Customer Case: Infusion Pump

Case study

Thanks to a new scalable software platform for high-performance medical infusion pumps provided by Enea, this customer was able to double the performance of its pumps, and make them three times faster to operate, significantly strengthening its infusion system business.

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Customer Case: Robotic Surgery

Case study

Enea delivered a software platform for a high-end cataract surgery robot featuring customized runtime environments based on Enea Linux and Enea OSE real-time operating system platform.

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Accelerate and consolidate

Consolidate RTOS and Linux functions on a single multicore device using hypervisor virtualization. Enea Accelerated Linux is a flexible and highly cost-efficient software-based accelerator for Linux systems. It boosts real-time performance, interprocess communication and data transfer between functions.

A Strategic R&D Partner

Enea is an expert in all phases of a software development project, from analysis, through design, development, to validation, testing and quality assurance. Our Professional Services for mission-critical, highly reliable medical systems, leverages our full operating systems and embedded software expertise.

Runtime Solutions for Medical Devices

We provide real-time operating systems and embedded Linux for intelligent high-end medical devices. We customize our runtimes for specific user needs and provide long-term support and maintenance for products with long lifecycles.

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