Industrial Internet of Things

We provide leading industrial companies with runtimes that forms the foundation for the next generation Industrial IoT systems. Our runtimes offer unmatched real-time scalability and performance on multicore embedded and edge devices.

Customer Case: Control Unit for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

A vendor of semiconductor manufacturing equipment was challenged by an increasing need for precision in the manufacturing process and designed a new DSP based control unit that could provide the required computing performance .

This is how they gained a runtime solution that could leverage the DSPs' performance.

Digitally Connected Devices


Many Industrial Internet use cases require hard real-time capabilities and very low latencies in the control and application domains. Enea provides optimized Linux-based and proprietary real-time operating systems, with ultra-low latencies, for both devices and edge computing platforms.


The need to compute data from a large number of devices, often with strict real-time requirements, will need a lot of processing power. In the edge tier it will come from multi- and many-core devices. Enea provides both RTOS and Linux based solutions that scale on many- and multi-core devices.


Connected equipment is exposed to various cyber threats and needs secure networks and runtime environments. Protecting both machinery and data is one of the major challenges in Industrial IoT. Enea is deeply involved in the security community as a leader in Linux and networking security.

Versatile edge computing


Requirements for low latency and high performance real-time processing places much of the computing in the edge tier. Runtimes for edge computing needs to be reliable and high performance, and capable of fast networking in access networks and service networks.

Enea provides reliable, secure and high-performance runtimes with fast networking for edge computing in Industrial Internet applications.


Virtualization in the edge tier significantly reduces complexity and cost through platform consolidation. Systems becomes much more flexible and adaptable when functions and networks are software defined. Security and safety requires isolation between applications when they share platform, which can be obtained in virtualized environments.

Enea's solutions provide virtualization using hypervisor based solutions as well as containers and KVM for Linux platforms.

How ENEA Can Make A Difference - Benefits

  • Enea is an independent software vendor. Our solutions support ARM, Intel, and Power architectures.
  • Our platforms are highly optimized for networking performance and ultra-low latency control applications.
  • Fast networking with optimized IP stacks.
  • A versatile offering including both open source and proprietary solutions, to best fit customer needs.
  • Long-term support for industrial platforms with long product life cycles.
  • Unrivaled runtime expertise with 50 years of experience building real-time embedded systems.
  • We provide advice, solutions and and support as a trusted advisor to our customers.

Explore our Solutions


Real-Time Accelerated Linux

High-performance, scalable and flexible real-time on Linux platforms.

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ENEA Linux

Purpose built commercial embedded Linux with real-time and virtualization profiles.

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Enea OSE

Fully deterministic and high performance real-time that scales on multi- and many core devices.

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Enea Polyhedra

A secure Industrial Internet data repository for devices and server-based applications demanding performance and reliability.

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