Operating System Solutions for 5G Access Networks

High Performance, Scalability and Flexibility for 5G RAN

Ultra-reliable and low latency communications, massive machine type communications and enhanced mobile broadband requires new capabilities in the 5G access network. Performance improvements is needed in every aspect to enable increased data and subscriber volumes, higher data rates, and improved end-to-end latency. Our runtime solutions provide the performance, flexibility and scalability needed to build cost-efficient and future-proof 5G access networks.

High Performance

Lower end-to-end latency and higher data rates compared to LTE increase runtime performance requirements.

Linux can not provide the real-time performance required by the time-critical functions in Layers 1 and 2. Our operating systems, on the other hand, are developed exactly for this scenario: providing extremely high real-time performance. Enea OSE and Accelerated Linux provides worst case response times under 2 µs on typical baseband processors.

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Higher data volumes and different sized deployments mean runtimes must scale over many cores with maintained determinism and performance.

Enea's runtime solutions scale linearly over an increased number of cores, with maintained determinism and performance. Doubling the number of cores doubles the performance.

Most other operating systems including Linux scale very poorly over 4 cores because of various internal bottlenecks. 

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A runtime environment in the 5G RAN needs to be flexible to support the shifting requirments imposed by the evolution of RAN architecture, new use cases and increased network complexity. Solutions that are difficult to change or takes a long time to update will not provide the cost efficiency or time-to-deployment needed.

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5G Test & Measurement

We provide some of the largest telecom test and measurement equipment manufacturers with reliable and high performance runtimes for their 5G and LTE-A test and measurement products. 

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Choosing Your Runtime

Technical Paper

There are many aspects to consider when choosing and designing runtimes for embedded systems, especially when there are performance and real-time requirements.

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Enabling Real-time in Linux

White paper

Linux was not designed for real-time, but there are different ways to improve the characteristics and overcome its limitations. This white paper shows how.

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The Multicore Challenge

White Paper

The Multicore Challange to Real-Time Embedded Operating Systems: How to Scale With Maintained Performance and Determinism.

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Runtime Solutions for 5G Access Networks

Solution Brief

An overview of Enea's runtime solutions for 5G access networks.

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