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We have been developing operating systems since 1969. Today we are a leading provider of embedded Linux and high-performance real-time operating systems. With our expertise, we can help you design your runtime environment according to the requirements you have, without compromises and trade-offs between functionality and performance. We can help you reduce your risk, increase your time-to-market, and lower the lifetime costs for your products, through our expertise and solutions.

Choosing Your Runtime

Choosing a Linux based runtime for embedded applications requires some reflection. This paper discusses key points and outlines different ways to successfully designing the runtime.

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Industrial IoT

Use cases include:

  • Real-time environments for industrial automation, and industrial IoT.
  • Sensor data processing and control applications for industrial robotics
  • Intelligent control applications, networking and HMI for smart grids

Solutions for Industrial IoT

Telecom and Networking

Use cases include:

  • 3G/4G/5G radio access networks, i.e. base stations and radio.
  • Network switches and routers.

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Use cases include:

  • Infusion pumps
  • Robotic surgery devices
  • Defibrillators
  • Liquid chromatografy devices
  • Blood analyzers
  • Biometric sensors

Solutions for Medical

Test and Measurement

Use cases include:

  • Telecom test equipment with high real-time performance on multicore devices
  • Post-processing and analysis of captured sensor data, control, and HMI.

Solutions for Test & Measurement

Runtimes for Xilinx SoCs

We provide high-performance Linux and RTOS based runtimes for Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC, UltraScale+ RFSoC, Zynq-7000 SoC, and MicroBlaze.

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FEATURED Resources

Enabling Real-Time in Linux.

Whitepaper: A deep dive into how to enable real-time in Linux, with three different approaches analyzed.


Why Hybrid AMP/SMP Scales on Multicore

Video: This video explains what an SMP/AMP hybrid OS is and why it can scale on multicore devices.


Choosing Your Runtime.

Whitepaper: Key points and an outline to how yousuccessfully design your runtime.


Overcoming Performance vs. Feature Trade-offs in Linux.

Webinar recording: How you configure Linux to gain both performance and features.


High-Performance Operating System for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Customer case: How Enea's real-time operating system enabled precision in an industrial processing control application.


Three ways to enable Linux for real-time.

Infographic: Pros and cons for three different approaches to add real-time characteristics to Linux.


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