Enea NFV Core

Enea NFV Core is a carrier-grade virtualization software platform built on OPNFV and OpenStack. It enables deployment and management of virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) network functions in central offices and data centers, utilizing cost efficient generic hardware platforms.

Optimized for vCPE

Enea NFV Core is highly optimized for the vCPE use case and central office deployment, providing the performance, reliability and flexibility required in next generation telecom networks. 

Deployment ready

Enea NFV Core is ready for deployment in commercially operated networks. It is already configured, integrated, optimized, enhanced, and validated to offer a turnkey solution platform with the performance, reliability and functionality required for telecom. Its commercial readiness reduces risk, shortens time-to-market, and provides enhanced capabilities and performance, compared to what is available directly from the open source community.


Download the Enea NFV Core datasheet for a comprehensive view of functionality, features and additional services optimized for edge use cases.

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High performance

Highly optimized virtual networking performance provide reduced latency, higher throughput and lower processing overhead, allowing higher compute density. Enea NFV Core maintains performance when functionality moves from application specific hardware to software on standard hardware, allowing better decoupling between software and hardware.

Allowing interoperability

Interoperability requires a standardized interface that clearly decouples software and hardware. Enea NFV Core complies with widely accepted open standards including ETSI NFV and OPNFV while being 100% hardware agnostic. Our approach is to provide multi-vendor multi-architecture software platforms for maximum portability.

Integration capability

The ability to mix and match NFV components with little or no integration requires open standards. Enea NFV Core is based on OPNFV and OpenStack, and is compliant with ETSI NFV. These are de facto standards for telecom NFV, which ensures seamless integration with standard hardware, VNFs and third party NFV software. Enea also has a large global services organization to cover any gaps between standards and operators’ environments.

Improved resilience and availability

Enea NFV Core is designed to secure mission-critical availability and reliability for telecom use. Through industry leading high availability, and optimized boot speed minimizing the time needed to recreate network functions after a failure, it improves resilience.

Hardware independent

Enea NFV Core is vendor agnostic, allowing full decoupling from hardware. Out-of-the-box it runs on cost efficient ARM and x86 based COTS hardware, adding to its scalability and adaptability for various use cases.

White paper

How to maximize agility at the network edge, and how to deliver applications in a cloud-native.

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NFV for the Edge

In this video we run the Enea NFV Core platform, showcasing how data can stream between two more efficient CPE devices without putting a load on nodes in the network. 



Enea NFV Core builds on OPNFV and OpenStack, and is compliant with the ETSI architecture. OPNFV is the industry standard open source platform for telecom NFV. 


Carrier grade reliability and performance that meets or exceeds existing equipment ensures seamless transition to NFV.


Enea NFV Core runs on both ARM and x86 based COTS servers, adding to its scalability and adaptability. Complying with open standards, it is free from lock-in on hardware, VNFs or MANO.