NFV ACCESS: Lightweight uCPE Virtualization PLATFORM

Ideal uCPE Networking Characteristics

Enea NFV Access is optimized for VNFs that need high networking performance and small form factor, as it does not require the overhead of OpenStack (contrary to solutions originating from data centers).

It is hardware agnostic and allows virtualization using containers or full virtual machines, providing excellent scalability and capacity.

Its optimized data plane provides single core 10 Gb/s throughput for any packet size, and reduced end-to-end latency.

Full uCPE Management over NETCONF

All Enea NFV Access management communication is done using NETCONF, and supports secured and standard communication at large scale and includes bare metal Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), software upgrade management, platform lifecycle/FCAPS and VNF management.

The Enea uCPE Manager provides a powerful GUI as well as REST APIs for NFV orchestration integration and automation.

Ideal for cost efficient vCPE or SD-WAN deployment thanks to high networking performance and minimal RAM footprint, resulting in very high compute density.  

Scaled support for service function chaining and VNF management allows for adoption to entry level as well as more advanced VNF deployment scenarios.

Onboards any commercial or in house VNFs with its support for KVM and Docker containers. 

Includes MANO solution built on the NETCONF protocol, ready for third party orchestration integration, with support for automated platform management and VNF Management.


A foundation for vCPE revolution, reducing cost and complexity for computing at the network edge.

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Open Standards for Zero Lock-In

Enea NFV Access is solely built on open standards and APIs to prevent vendor lock-in. Operators benefit from better interoperability and by securing their network architecture for the future.

Resource Optimized uCPE for Hardware Scalability

Enea NFV Access scales from 2-core, 2 GB RAM Arm systems up to clustered 24-core x86 Xeon servers. The ability to scale allows the hardware specification to be tuned to specific needs of every use case – which is key for minimizing OPEX at large scale deployments.

Architectural Choice in uCPE - Intel or Arm

Enea NFV Access supports both x86 and Arm based devices, for cross-platform flexibility and architectural choice. The ability to tune the hardware specification to either Intel or Arm allows for improved adaptability to the specific use case and to minimize OPEX cost.

Advantech, CloudOps, Enea, and Fonex presents a blueprint for implementing practical and cost-effective uCPE. It is a complete and integrated solution built on open standards, providing an NFVI platform for the next generation enterprise CPE.


Tier 1 Service Provider Blueprint: Implementing Practical and Cost-Effective uCPE

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Entry-level NFVI cost barriers need to be lowered for a slim uCPE or SD-WAN approach to areas such as retail and point of sales. The combination Advantech + Enea provides verified NFVI platforms for enterprise IoT and retail to SD-Branch, for sustainable and scalable solutions.

James Yang, VP Advantech Networks & Communications Group

Solution brief

Entry-level vCPE/SD-WAN solutions with extremely low footprint from Enea and Advantech.

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Through Enea’s NFV software, Lanner and Enea can deliver vCPE solutions optimized for next-gen hybrid NFV architecture and help accelerate time-to-market for service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers.

Jeans Tseng, Vice President of Telecommunication Applications, Lanner

Solution brief

Great networking characteristics on cost-effective uCPEs from Enea and Lanner.

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White paper

Supermicro and Enea uCPE solutions optimized for SD-WAN provide rapid deployment of real-time network functions and eliminate the need for proprietary purpose built servers.

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White paper

Optimizing uCPE Architectures: Minimize Footprint to Maximize Value by Heavy Reading 

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uCPE Virtualization Software for the Network Edge

The Enea NFV portfolio addresses the edge of the network. It provides software for vCPE, 5g and SD-WAN use cases, including software virtualization platforms with low footprint and optimized networking characteristics.