NFV Virtualization Platforms

We provide the foundation for tomorrow's virtualized network functions with best-in-class network virtualization software. Our solutions enable automation and flexibility for network operators and service providers.

With 50 years experience from providing software solutions to the telecom industry, we are experts in the access part of the network. Today we are enabling the transition from physical to virtualized network functions.

We provide hardened virtualization platforms based on open source technologies. We integrate, optimize and extend, providing platforms that support multple processor architectures out-of-the-box and give operators, equipment manufacturers and systems integrators maximum agility and networking performance at the edge.

Our offering includes NFV infrastructure, MANO solutions, VNF components, lab infrastructure for development and methodology, and professional services.


Enea’s NFV virtualization platforms are intended for the edge market segment, and virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) use cases. 


With our VNF additions and components, we add value and functionality to virtualized network functions.

Enea Element ODM is a model driven framework for on-device-management enabling configuration, monitoring and control of both virtual and physical network functions.

Qosmos ixEngine offers DPI for VNFs.


Enea ElementCenter is a model driven element and network management system, providing integrated VNF management. It allows a seamless transition from physical to mixed and virtual networks.

NFV Professional Services

With the Enea NFV Lab as a foundation, Enea’s global services organization offers a range of services, including NFV software development, integration and optimization, and test design and automation.