Device Management Agent

Enea Element On-Device Management 

Network Management with NETCONF and YANG - Enea On-Device Management is a model driven network function management agent that provide standard-based Northbound interfaces for configuration, monitoring and control of both Physical and Virtual Network Functions (PNFs and VNFs).




Selecting NETCONF/YANG Management Interface SOftware

A white paper from 5th Layer providing guidelines for choosing the right software framework for building management interfaces.


VNF Management

Enea Element On-Device Management provides management interfaces including NETCONF and REST for cloud-native VNFs.



Enea is an independent vendor, and Enea Element On-Device Management supports approved standards to avoid any potential vendor lock-in.


Support for NETCONF and YANG provides robust network-wide transactions.

Source Code

Available with full, buildable source code for maximum trransparency and future-proofing.


Standardized northbound interfaces are automatically rendered based on YANG models.

Develop faster

Simple programming model and very good ease-of-use speeds up development of management interfaces.

Add Automation

Enea Element On-Device Management makes devices programmable and enables automation for managing network elements at a scale.

Enea Device Management and Orchestration

Enea's Network Management solutions reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market, and enable a seamless transition to NFV devices.

NFV Management

We manage VNFs with NETCONF and YANG thanks to the integration of Enea ElementCenter NMS and Enea On-device Management. This demo shows our network management offering which provides a standards-based and integrated framework suitable for NFV service orchestration.


High Availability

Enea Element On-Device Management can be extended with high availability support in Enea Element High Availability offering 99,999% availability, support for software management including in-service upgrades, etc.

Integrate with EMS/NMS

Enea On-Device Management is pre-integrated with Enea ElementCenter, a model-driven EMS/NMS development framework with full FCAPS functionality and out-of-the-box NETCONF/YANG support.



Download a product overview for Enea Element  On-Device Management.

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VNF Management Agent

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) bring a host of benefits to the communications service provider/carrier community.

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How Enea Element On-Device Management can be configured to manage a fault-tolerant pair of Polyhedra database servers.

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Simplify Distributed Systems with Frameworks from Enea Element - a whitepaper on how to design systems that are scalable, manageable, and highly available.

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