Debug and troubleshooting with Optima

The Optima debug course will give a good understanding of the Eclipse framework and the different plug-in applications developed by Enea. [2 days]

Course description

The Optima debug course will give a good understanding of the Eclipse framework and the different plug-in applications developed by Enea.

Enea Optima™ is a full-featured Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the OSE™ real-time operating system.

Optima provides a flexible, extensible platform for developing, debugging, building and deploying device software.

Optima provides tools for advanced system level browsing, debugging, profiling and analysis. These plug-ins greatly simplify the debugging and optimization of standalone and large-scale distributed systems.

All Optima plug-ins support fully distributed debugging, which enables any target CPU in a connected network to be accessed without the need for a direct connection.

The course covers both theory and practical exercises on the OSE Soft Kernel and/or a PPC-based target board. Apart from the Eclipse/CDT installation, the course covers the following plug in packages:

  • Run-mode debugger with program launcher and GDB
  • System browser with pool profiler
  • Post Mortem Dump Viewer/Analyzer (PMD)

Course details

Upon completion of the course the student will have an understanding of the Eclipse/Optima concepts. The student will also get practical experience in setting up a project, debugging the system on source code and system level as well as by using a Post Mortem Dump.

Who should attend?
Project leaders, system designers, application programmers and system testers.

Previous knowledge
Basic C-programming and an understanding of embedded real-time systems. Recommended courses: C programming, C for embedded systems, Embedded Real-time systems.

Delivery methods
This course is available as a 2 day classroom training or as an on-line training without live teacher or hands-on exercises. Effective running time for the on-line version is approximately 4 hours.

Course Materials
The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is given in Swedish or English upon request.

Recommended following courses
OSE Basics
OSE Next Step (Contact Enea for further details)

Stockholm, Bucharest or On-Site
On request
Number of days
SEK 13500 / USD 2000 / EUR 1500
On request
Number of days
USD 1150

Course outline

What is Eclipse

Basic settings

Setting up a new project
Text editing
Building and Launching
Debugging using GDB
Freeze/Run-mode debugging
Interaction with Optima plug-ins

Debugging using Optima
Connection to target
System Browsing
Event tracing
Memory profiling
Handling loadmodules
Post Mortem debugging
Hands-on exercises
Using Soft kernel
Using Target Kernel
Setting up the target
Configuring the project
Downloading and launching