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Enea Openwave Traffic Management Solutions can Reduce Energy Consumption by Over 10%

Princips for Enea's energy-saving traffic management solutions

Rising energy prices and environmental imperatives mean that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have energy usage right at the top of their agenda. The majority of a CSP's energy is consumed by the radio access network, so energy use is directly linked to traffic volume.

When you consider that video streaming is both the largest content category and the primary driver of growth, it has never been more important to improve the efficiency of video traffic without compromising on mobile experience. In this briefing we lay out how Enea's Traffic Management can support CSPs to significantly reduce costs through energy efficiency.

Enea's experience in this operational capability highlights what can be achieved today, without change on user device or by content providers.

Executive Briefing

The spiraling costs of energy (7-10x) is now a major business issue. Mobile data demand is skyrocketing but the costs of delivery across a network are significantly increasing.

Learn how you can reduce the cost of running a network - while maintaining a #1 network experience for subscribers.

Enea can demonstrate what can be practically achieved today to manage traffic from the core network – without changing end user apps or content services from the internet.

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