High Availbility

Enea Element High Availbility

Enea Element High Availability is a powerful application development framework that simplifies the design and implementation of highly available applications. Enea Element High Availability is well suited for applications where continuous operation is a requirement, as well as scalability and high performance.

Enea Element High Availability contains all the required functionality for designing highly available applications, e.g support for alarms and notifications, health monitoring, checkpoint services, error handling and repair.

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Support for a Variety of High Availbility Applications

The services offered by Enea Element High Availability integrate with a wide variety of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware - from a single System-on-Chip, to single board, to simple clusters, to chassis based systems (µTCA or ATCA), and to Cloud platforms - providing a flexible application-ready computing platform.

Enea Element High Availability provides the modularity and flexibility needed to accommodate a wide range of equipment and applications. The full suite of services is ideal for implementing networking infrastructure such as base stations, media gateways, storage switches, IP routers/switches, etc.

The modular architecture of Enea Element High Availability also allows a subset of the services to be deployed in simple designs or in cases where you just want to enhance your own legacy infrastructure services.


The open standards-based development model gives system vendors the flexibility to choose components and protects them from proprietary vendor lock-in.


Enea Element High Availability provides support for a large number of redundancy models, and highly available applications can be designed for load balancing, low cost through optimal hardware re-use, or very high robustness through several stand-by nodes.

Powerful Services

Element High Availability provides software management, including upgrade support and release management, chassis management tailored for the Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA), logging services, and run-time debug services.