Stuck with Your Stack?

Make your stack future-ready with Enea Edge on uCPE.

Any SD-WAN. Any security. Any white-box.

Break free from vendor lock-in! uCPE with Enea Edge has no limits. It allows you to easily download and use any SD-WAN, firewall or other application to any white-box uCPE at the customer premises.

"Thanks to Enea, we are able to offer a cost-effective platform that supports enterprises and their SD-WAN strategies irrespective of the SD-WAN vendor they want to use, while providing the flexibility to add or remove additional services after deployment."

Nico Walters,
Global Innovation and Information Manager at CMC Networks.

Why Deploy SD-WAN on uCPE?

Future-Ready SD-WAN

  • Manage network technology evolution with a flexible platform that supports a seamless migration from simple routers and firewalls, to secure SD-WAN, to SASE and beyond

  • Replace applications and services already deployed on a uCPE on-demand

  • Expand with new applications and services with a click

  • Easily let users test and evaluate new services without site visits and fully automated


Cost Optimization

  • Consolidate several network appliances onto a single white-box uCPE

  • No costly rip-and-replace operations or truck rolls to change or upgrade services 

  • Automation and centralized management at the infrastructure level allows more automation

  • Easier troubleshooting with complex applications when the entire platform is software-defined and centrally managed


No Vendor-Lock-In

  • uCPE has a layered approach promoting a lock-in free mindset 

  • Build a service delivery platform with best-of-breed components from multiple vendors

  • Instantly replace component vendors for better options without on-site visits

  • uCPE promotes innovation through openness, allowing new ideas to be tested easier without need for hardware development or highly developed manufacturing and logistic capabilities



  • A uCPE can run any application from any vendor on the same platform

  • Applications can easily be chained through software to form a composite service

  • Shifting customer needs can be met by changing the service on-demand

  • uCPE allows a unified end-to-end service management and orchestration for all customer deployments

  • uCPE scales from small to large devices even in the same network, providing optimized cost for each use case


Upsell Opportunities

  • Easier to sell add-on services when the delivery platform is already in place

  • New services can add differentiation and provide higher margins

  • Automation can get a new service up and running within minutes in the customer network

  • All deployments at the customer premises should be uCPE to provide a platform for future upsell opportunities


Virtualization for Edge, SD-WAN, Security, 5G and IoT

Enea Edge is a complete virtualization and management platform designed for deployment on any white-box uCPE, and optimized for common uCPE networking and edge use cases like SD-WAN, security, IoT, 5G, and video analytics. 

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