Edge Virtualization

Open Source Evaluation Kit for Secure SD-WAN on uCPE

Enea's open source based evaluation kit is the easiest and quickest way to get started with SD-WAN on white box uCPE. The kit includes all the software you need to deploy an open source SD-WAN and security setup for evaluation purposes, in an already configured package.


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What is provided in the kit?

  • flexiWAN - an open source SD-WAN VNF
  • pfSense - an open source firewall and security VNF
  • Ready-made automation scripts for onboarding and testing
  • Extensive step-by-step how-to guide
  • How-to video

What do I need to use the evaluation kit?

You need:

  • one or more uCPEs from any vendor, running Enea NFV Access
  • a server for Enea uCPE Manager

Enea NFV Access is a virtualization platform and uCPE operating system. Enea uCPE Manager is an EMS/NMS platform with uCPE management and VNF lifecycle management capabilities.

What can I do with the evaluation kit?

The kit allows you to set up a connection between two or more uCPEs in different branch offices, each running Enea NFV Access. flexiWAN is used to set up a tunnel between the uCPEs and pfSense provides security. Both VNFs are connected in a service chain on each device. The uCPE setup and VNF lifecycle management including day zero configurations is done from Enea uCPE Manager. flexiWAN and pfSense can be managed from their own web based UIs for day 1 configurations.

Do I need my own lab?

No, if you do not want to deploy the evaluation kit in your own lab or on your own hardware, you can use Advantech's remote evaluation service and run your tests in Advantech's lab.

Remote evaluation service for open source SD-WAN on uCPE

Request free evaluation kit

Use this form to request an evaluation using the evaluation kit. We will set you up with Enea NFV Access for the evaluation environment and provide you with the open source kit.

One possible setup of a secure second generation SD-WAN on uCPE that can be done with the evaluation kit.