Enea is a top contributor with focus on enabling ARM as a hardware architecture for OPNFV.


Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) is an important open source project aiming to provide a basis for NFV technology to the telecom and networking communities. It creates a reference platform for Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Management (VIM). With several of the world's largest operators and equipment manufacturers as active project members OPNFV is considered a de facto standard for NFV in networking and telecom. 

Integrating OpenStack and more

OPNFV mainly focuses on integrating upstream open source components and validating the integration. Since the aim of the project is to provide a platform for mission-critical use by network and service providers, much focus and efforts is put on extensive quality assurance and benchmarking. Testing and validation makes sure that the project releases meet carrier-grade standards for NFV use cases.

Some of the main components integrated by OPNFV includes OpenStack, OpenDaylight, KVM and DPDK. Some specific feature projects are also included in OPNFV. The full list of community projects is available here.

Enea's contributions to OPNFV

Some of the open source NFV contributions Enea has made:

  • Enea did the initial bring up of the OPNFV architecture for ARM hardware in H1 2015,
  • Enea presented together with ARM the first "reference" platform corresponding to OPNFV's "Arno" release in Q2 2015,
  • Enea demonstrated together with ARM a first "multi-vendor" demo of the OPNFV architecture at the ARM Partner Meeting in Q3 2015,
  • Enea was one of the founding participants of the ARM Band project in OPNFV in Q3 2015,
  • Enea launched in Q4 2015 the world's first ARM-based NFV lab compliant with the "Pharos" specification from OPNFV,
  • Enea has brought up the "Brahmaputra" release of OPNFV on ARM hardware,
  • Enea today hosts a multi-architecture NFV lab with 7 pods and growing.

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