We provide the foundation for tomorrow's virtualized network functions with best-in-class network virtualization software. Our solutions enable automation and flexibility for network operators and service providers.

Carrier-grade NFV Solutions for the Edge

After more than 30 years as a provider of best-in-class software solutions to the telecom industry, we have gained a strong expertise and legacy in the access part of the service provider network. Through constant innovation, we have continuously pushed the evolution of platform software for the telecom industry. Today we are enabling the transition from physical to virtualized network functions.

We provide hardened solutions based on leading open source technology. We optimize, extend, and integrate to provide solutions that runs out-of-the-box. Our own solutions and technology complement it and provides an alternative. Our offering include NFV infrastructure, MANO solutions, VNF components, and lab infrastructure for development and methodology.

How ARM's Ecosystem Drives NFV Transformation

This white paper describes how ARM and ENEA delivers innovation in software, hardware and professional services in order to help operators navigate the transition to NFV.

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Network Function Virtualization  SOFTWARE PLATFORMS

Enea’s NFV solutions are focused on the edge market segment, and virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) use cases. The Enea NFV Core platform is a based on OPNFV for zero lock-in and provides an open source highly available platform for VNFs for vCPE, and the Enea NFV Access platform is architected for high networking performance and small form factor. The platforms are hardened and optimized for both ARM and Intel based hardware.

Virtualized Network Functions

With our VNF additions and components, we add value and functionality to virtualized network functions. Enea Element ODM is a model driven framework for on-device-management enabling configuration, monitoring and control of both virtual and physical network functions. Qosmos ixEngine offers DPI for VNFs.

Management and Orchestration

Enea ElementCenter is a model driven element and network management system, providing integrated VNF management. It allows a seamless transition from physical to mixed and virtual networks.

World's Largest NFV LAB for ARM Servers

Enea hosts the world's first and largest OPNFV Pharos Lab for validating NFV on ARM-based servers. In addition, the lab hosts a number of x86 based Pharos pods. Altogether, we provide a mixed architecture validation and development environment.

Within OPNFV, the Pharos project specifies and develops a community lab infrastructure that is geographically and technically diverse. The Pharos specification defines a "compliant" test environment for the labs, which the community and the Linux Foundation are hosting.

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Award winning contributor to OPNFV

As one of the top contributors to the OPNFV project and founding participant of award winning ARM Band project we take a very active and leading role in the open source community around NFV. 

OPNFV is an open source community driving integration and testing of open source components for virtualization of network functions in telecom. It is an emerging de facto standard for NFV in telecom with several of the world's largest operators and equipment manufacturers as active project members.

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Why NFV?

Increase Revenue

New services are created and deployed quickly, generating additional revenue.

Software development agility allows new virtualized services to be developed and deployed significantly faster and with lower investments compared to if done on bare metal without virtualization.

Lower Costs

Smarter CPE investments reduce both CapEx and OpEx.

Increased operational efficiency and smaller hardware investments comes from moving from application specific hardware to standardized and efficient compute platforms running VNFs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increased flexibility and agility to tailor unique customer specific service packages, better network functionality, and provisioning of self-service portals, all has the potential to increase end customer satisfaction.

Virtual Probes for NFVI Monitoring

How should monitoring be integrated with the NFVI? This white paper makes the case for a virtual probe (vProbe) function to be deployed between virtual network elements.

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This presentation discusses the advantages of a rich, mixed architecture for delivering a compelling NFV virtualization infrastructure.

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This recorded webinar brings up how the fundamental software architecture for NFV can be kept open and hardware agnostic – e.g. extended to support multiple hardware architectures, including both x86 and ARM.

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