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Record dates for consolidation of shares and offer to sell uneven shareholdings without commission

STOCKHOLM, May 27, 2008 – The annual general meeting of Enea AB (corporate identity number 556209-7146) held on May 15, 2008 resolved that a consolidation of shares 1:20 take place so that 20 existing shares be consolidated into one share in order to obtain an appropriate number of shares. The Board of Directors of Enea has today, based on the authorization by the annual general meeting, decided that the record date for the consolidation of shares shall be Tuesday, June 3, 2008. If the holding by a shareholder does not correspond to an even number of new shares, surplus shares will be sold on the company's expense by Nordea Bank AB, whereby the shareholders concerned will receive their part of the proceeds.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors has today resolved to offer the shareholders the possibility to sell uneven shareholdings without commission in order to obtain even trading lots. For this offer the following conditions apply:

During the period June 9 – 19, 2008 all shareholders with a holding not evenly divisible with 200 (the size of the new regular trading lot) are able to sell the shares needed to obtain a holding after the sale which amounts to even regular trading lots. If the holding amounts to no more than 199 shares, the entire holding may be sold.The two measures regarding the Enea share have different record dates.

The record date for the consolidation of shares is June 3, 2008. This entails that from and including June 4, 2008, the Enea share is traded to its new share price, which in theory shall be twenty times higher than the price the previous trading day. This also entails that the number of shares in Enea will be one twentieth as per June 4, 2008 and that the holding by each shareholder will be adjusted hereto. Any fractional shares will according to the above be consolidated by Nordea to even shares which will be sold in the market. The total number of shares resulting from the consolidation of the shareholders fractional shares is so few that the sale is not deemed to have any effect on the share price of the Enea share.

The record date for the offer to sell uneven shareholdings without commission is June 4, 2008. Shareholders with a holding not evenly divisible with 200 as per June 4, 2008 will receive a letter containing information on the offer and a preprinted application form with the conditions for participation for each shareholder respectively. For the most convenient participation, the completed application form shall be returned in the enclosed postage-free envelope. Shares based on the received application forms will be sold continuously during the implementation period. If the offer is very popular amongst the shareholders and many shares are to be sold, there is a risk that the sale could have a negative impact on the share price. In order to minimize such risks, the shares will be sold during the entire offer period and possibly a number of trading days thereafter. Therefore, the exact date of payment of proceeds and distribution of contract notes can not be given, but is estimated to occur around June 27, 2008. 

The Board of Directors  

Enea may be required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication at 6 pm CEST on May 27, 2008.