Press Releases

Re-election of all Directors of the Board in Enea proposed

Stockholm, March 30, 2007 — The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of all Directors of the Board; Staffan Ahlberg, Åsa Landén Ericsson, Gösta Lemne, Jon Risfelt, Jan Rynning and Anders Skarin.

The Nomination Committee proposes Staffan Ahlberg to be appointed for the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The terms and further details for the Directors of the Board will be communicated in the Notice to Attend the Annual General Meeting for Enea AB.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors intends to propose to the Annual General Meeting that no dividend will be paid for financial year 2006, following today’s Board meeting. Enea is active in a rapidly changing marketplace. The Company intends to play an active part in the ongoing structural consolidation. Enea should have a strong financial position in order to take advantage of acquisition opportunities and further strengthening of the product portfolio. According to the Board’s judgment this ought also to benefit share holders in the long run.