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Enea Offers Unlimited Licenses for Voice over Wi-Fi to Help Operators Manage Increase in Remote Working

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 31st, 2020 – Enea® (NASDAQ Stockholm: ENEA), a global supplier of innovative software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity, is offering unlimited software licenses for its Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) solution during a period of three months. This will enable network operators to secure the quality of voice calls, as millions of people are told to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities in countries all over the world are enforcing lockdowns due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has increased the demand for voice communication dramatically. This puts enormous strain on mobile networks, resulting in congestion and poor quality of service for people working remotely.

The Enea Voice over Wi-Fi solution enables users with Wi-Fi access to make and receive calls, without installing new equipment or upgrading their smartphones. By using their current Wi-Fi connection, they can continue to make calls and send text messages even if the mobile network is congested, since the traffic is carried over the internet.

The objective of Enea´s unlimited software license offer is twofold. The company wants to make sure people can continue to carry out their tasks in an efficient way while working remotely, and at the same time help operators offload congested mobile networks.

“We can improve voice connectivity for millions of people working from home”, says Roland Steiner, SVP of Policy and Access Control, Enea. “By offering unlimited software licenses for the Enea Voice over Wi-Fi solution during the Coronavirus crisis, we hope to make it easier for remote workers to discuss their daily tasks and ease the strain on network operators.”

Communication software has been Enea’s core business since the company was founded over 50 years ago. Today, more than 3 billion people rely on Enea technologies in their daily lives when they use mobile phones and connect to the Internet. Enea software for VoWiFi is widely deployed internationally and complies with 3GPP specifications.



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