Executive Management Team

Anders Lidbeck

President and Chief Executive Officer
Born: 1962
Appointed: 2011
Education: M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics, University of Lund.
Previous positions: CEO of Telelogic, sales and marketing positions at Nokia, ICL and Telia Megacom, including serving as the President for ICL Direct in Benelux and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ICL Industry systems Europe.
No. of shares: 14,000 (through endowment assurance)


Håkan Rippe

Chief Financial Officer
Born: 1968
Employed since: 2009
Education: M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. 
Previous positions: 
SVP Corporate Development at Enea, SVP Consulting at Enea, Business Development Executive at IBM Rational Software and Executive Vice President Corporate Development at Telelogic.
No. of shares: 10,000


Karl Mörner

Senior Vice President Product Management
Born: 1975
Employed since: 1998
Education: Software Engineering, University of Skövde
Previous positions: Senior Vice President R&D, Director of Product Management, Director of System Management, System architect, Team leader, Software Engineer at Enea. 
No. of shares: 1,546



Adrian Leufvén

Senior Vice President Software Sales
Born: 1972
Employed since: 1998.
Education: M. Sc. Mechatronics Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. 
Previous positions: SVP Operations & Quality at Enea, SVP Software Sales at Enea, SVP Global Delivery at Enea, VP Strategic Outsourcing at Enea, VP Support at Enea, VP Marketing at Enea, Director Asian Sales at Enea. 
No. of shares: 10,000


Bogdan Putinica

Senior Vice President Global Services
Born: 1977
Employed since: 2000
Education: International Finance and Banking, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest. 
Previous positions: CEO at Enea Romania, Global Sales Director Product Services at Enea and President of IP Devel.
No. of shares: 5,372


Daniel Forsgren

Senior Vice President Product Strategy
Born: 1973
Employed since: 2006
Education: Industrial Engineering and Management, M. Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Linköping Institute of Technology
Previous positions: Senior Vice President Product Management, Principal Engineer at CTO office, System architect, System Responsible, Software Engineer at Enea. Software Engineer at Virtutech.
No. of shares: 12,395


Fredrik Medin

Senior Vice President Marketing & Communication
Born: 1970
Employed since: 2015
Education: B. Sc. Human Resource Development with advanced studies in Management and Organization from the University of Stockholm. 
Previous positions: Sr Marketing Mgr Amadeus, Marketing Director IAR Systems, Product Marketing Mgr Ericsson Enterprises, Marketing Mgr at Ericsson Global Services, Product Mgr at Ericsson GSM.
No. of shares: 0


Johan Glane

Senior Vice President Sales for Strategic Accounts
Born: 1977 
Employed since: 2016
Education: M. Sc. Computer Science & Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Previous positions: SVP Strategic Accounts EMEA at Enea, Head of Sales & Commercial Excellence at Ericsson Middle East, Associate Principle at Ericsson Business Consulting, Senior Consultant at Prosales.
No. of shares: 0


Hans Blomqvist

Senior Vice President R&D
Born: 1962
Employed since: 1999
Education:M. Sc. Mechatronics, Licentiate Mechatronics, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
Previous positions: VP Product Operations at Enea, Senior Director Product Services at Enea, CIO Enea, Director Release Management Enea Software, Technical Project Manager, System. Architect CelsiusTech Systems. 
No. of shares: 0


Thibaut Bechetoille

President Qosmos
Born: 1960
Employed since: Qosmos 2005, Enea 2016
Education: Master’s degree in Engineering, ENSIMAG, Grenoble. Executive MBA, HEC Business School, Paris.
Previous Positions: Founder & CEO of MAIAAH. A virtual private network service provider (acquired by Easynet in 2002), General Manager of the French subsidiary of Wellfleet, then Bay.
No. of shares: 0



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