SD-WAN and uCPE: Solving the Economic Equation

Carriers, service providers and enterprises are desperately looking for affordable and manageable SD WAN and uCPE solutions in order to deliver the right function or service at the right performance. But how do they solve the economic equation?

By Fredrik Ehrenstråle

Lowering entry cost

The entry-level NFVI cost barriers need to be adjusted if the industry is to successfully apply a slim uCPE or SD-WAN approach to business areas such as retail and point of sales. System integrators and carriers alike are looking for verified NFVI platforms that can address a broader range of applications from enterprise IOT and retail to SD-Branch; using more sustainable and scalable solutions.

This means that the NFVI needs to have an efficient specification with low memory and CPU footprint, to save HW expenditures - especially in large volume deployments. But also that the virtualization software platform needs to be optimized for best-in-class networking characteristics, with high throughput, low latencies, and low requirements on processing power – to be suited for retail and point of sales scenarios.

The right pieces of the puzzle

Recently, Enea and Advantech partnered around the Enea NFV Access virtualization software platform on Advantech’s second generation of network appliances for uCPE and SD-WAN and brings unique value to entry level uCPE and SD-WAN use cases.

Enea NFV Access brings astonishing characteristics and enables optimized uCPE hardware while unleashing both business and technical agility. It provides NETCONF EdgeLink and Zero Touch Provisioning, and scales from entry-level Intel Atom for customer premise needs to high-end Xeon processors for edge deployment.

The Advantech FWA-T011, and FWA-1012VC bring outstanding performance processing and power efficiency, and are available as 2 to 8 core scalable offerings, for a highly optimized uCPE processing solution.

Bottom line for SD WAN and uCPE economics

The combination of Enea and Advantech technologies ensures a streamlined solution that optimizes networking performance and provides minimal footprint for both the platform and VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. It also provides a foundation for uCPE agility and innovation, reducing costs and computing complexity at the network edge.