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The course provides deeper knowledge on OSE5. Unique concepts for OSE5, like Board Support Package, BIOS (OSE style), TCP/IP networking support, Device Drivers and memory mapping models are introduced. The architecture of OSE5 is discussed in depth. Configuration of target system is studied using OSE Reference System. Important advanced system calls are presented as well as included as exercises.
The course includes extensive theoretical discussions on OSE5 but also includes a workshop that will focus on practical exercises. OSE5 Delta is used as the operating system and a target based on the powerpc architecture is available for the exercises. For some exercises is the soft kernel used.
The exercises address issues on how to use OSE5 components, how to configure an OSE Delta real-time operating system, building applications utilizing different OSE components, loading applications to target, starting it and debugging it both as a stand alone kernel and as a networked application, using one of the TCP/IP stacks for OSE5. Tools as gcc, tftp, and a GUI based gdb are used.

The work shop includes the following exercises:
- Devising a device driver client
- Build a memory management application that verifies the usage of the Memory Management Unit and the memory protection models of OSE5
- Adding and extending a BIOS module
- Advanced system calls applications
- Building networking applications using the standard BSD socket programming model as well as the OSE5 specific networking programming
- Testing the concept of load modules
- Using the File System Server




The OSE Real Time Kernel combines rich functionality with high performance and true real time behavior. It is a fully pre-emptive kernel, optimized to provide high rates of data throughput yet compact enough for use in most embedded systems. It also includes comprehensive error handling and powerful source and application level debug features.

To deepen the knowledge on how OSE5 interworks with device drivers and how it traps into the supervisor mode using the BSP and BIOS concepts. To faciliate a deeper understanding of the scheduling and memory model as well as providing insight in the interworking between different components in the OSE system. The application development model using load modules is tested and discussed. Learning how to use the standard BSD socket programming model and the OSE5 specific networking programming, using one of the TCP/IP stack for OSE5, is included. It also learns how to use and configure a target and some products within the OSE family. The aim is also to give an understanding of how to use OSE as a real time operating system as well as showing how to make effective use of the kernel for the target EP852, together with a system level debugger, Illuminator and the source code debugger, gdb.

Who should attend?
Project leaders, System designers, System programmers, Application programmers, Real-time programmers and System testers.

Previous Knowledge
OSE basics and C-programming. It is strongly recommended that the student have participated in a "OSE Basics course" or has attained similar knowledge.

The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is normally given in the English language.

Course Contents

- BSP, Board Support Package
- Device Driver Architecture
- BIOS (OSE style)
- MMS, Memory Managment
- PRH, Program Handler
- INET, TCP/IP stack
- FSS, File System Server
- Load modules
- Shell
- OSE Reference System
- Inetutil, Internet protokoll
- Debugging of target
- Link Handler

Practical exercises using OSE Delta products

- Device Driver Architecture
- Basic system calls
- Advanced system calls

Development environment

- OSE Delta
- BSP (powerpc)
- Realtime Kernel
- OSE Products
- Windows 2000/XP
- cygwin (gcc,gdb a.s.o.)

Using debugging tools Illuminator, system level debugger gdb, source code debugger
ramlog, internal ram log
dbgprintf, E.g. printout using UDP

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