Building Custom Linux Distributions with Yocto

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Number of days 1 or 2


This module is a part of Eneas customer -configurable embedded Linux training offering available in:

  • A 1-day basic version providing a theoretical understanding of the topics covered demonstrated using hands-on exercises
  • A 2-day alternative aiming to give a deeper understanding of the technology covered, with some added content but more importantly with a high focus on modifications, optimization and debugging techniques

Both versions of the module can also be delivered as a stand-alone training.

 P60T401-day module


This module provides an in-depth introduction to “The Yocto Project” Linux distribution management framework. The training provides a ground-up, hands-on learning experience on Yocto Linux distributions. 

The goal of the training is to start a Yocto Project from scratch and includes step by step instructions and exercises to obtain a fully customized Linux distribution for the take-away multi-core ARM development board. All documented Yocto Project development models are explained and exercises are provided for a better understanding of the theory. 


The extended version of the module provides a full roadmap on how to design, start, develop, manage and debug your own Linux distribution. Also, information around customizing your distribution is added (eg machine and kernel customization). But most importantly the second day will focus on more complex exercises and debugging your distributions.

The ENEA Linux platform will be used as training material on top of the Yocto Project software.

The training will present the essential theoretical and practical elements required in order to be able to build a custom Linux distribution based on The Yocto Project build system. After the training, the student should be ready to create an (embedded) Linux distribution and to customize it to his needs.


Who should attend?
C programmers with basic understanding of the software development, experience with Linux as a development platform.


The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is normally given in English.

Previous knowledge
C programming skills, basic understanding of the software development, experience with Linux as a development platform.


Course Contents

Theoretical discussion on ENEA Linux and hands-on exercises.

Topics covered:

  • Software licensing
  • Embedded Linux(es)
  • The Yocto Project and its terminology
  • Build your first Linux distribution
  • The Yocto Project components
  • Short introduction to GIT 
  • Development with The Yocto Project
  • Layers and layer management utilities
  • Recipes and recipes management
  • Integrate a simple application
  • Integrate Makefile-based applications
  • Integrate Autotools applications
  • Debugging your bitbake build

Additions in 2-day module:

  • Advanced debugging
  • Working with GIT repositories 
  • Custom machine configurations
  • Customized kernel configurations
  • Customize your distributions
  • Extended time for exercises


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Our Training offer includes both standard courses and customized courses, developed and held on request.

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