OSE Multicore Edition

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The course presents the background of multi-core technologies and how they are implemented in OSE.
It gives hints on the challenges for a designer, tester or trouble shooter of a multi-core system, compared to a uni-core system.

The course includes extensive theoretical discussions on OSE MCE, but also includes a workshop that will focus on practical exercises. The exercises address issues on how to design, implement, test and debug a multicore system using OSE MCE. Tools such as the Eclipse Plug-in Optima will be used on the P2020 RDB hardware.


The course will give a good basic understanding on how to work with multicore using OSE MCE.




Who should attend?
The course is aimed for designers, testers and trouble shooters.


The course documentation is written in-house in English.


Previous Knowledge
OSE Basics


Recommended following courses
OSE Next step

Other information
The course is normally given in the English language.

Course Contents

Multi-core introduction:
- What is Multi-core
- HW classification
- Different architectures
- Parallel computing
- Memory issues
- Performance
- Scheduling

Multi-processing models:
- Parallel system models
- Bare metal MP
- Parallel programming models
- Available parallel programming languages (COTS)


OSE MCE overview
- Kernel overview
- Resource management
- Message passing model
- Limitations

OSE MCE architecture

OSE MCE programmers interface
- Changed API
- New command line interface
- New Load Module functionality
- Executive Freeze Mode Interface (EFMI)
- Load balancing
- Configuration issues

OSE MCE verification and validation
- Debugging



OSE kernel implementation
Symmetric kernel view
- Asymmetric kernel view
- Kernel event communication
- Limitations

OSE BSP (Board Support Package)
- New API
- System start sequence

OSE for parallel computing
- Changed components
- Load balancing


OSE for legacy software


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