Virtualizing with the Hypervisor

Price SEK 13500 / USD 2000 / EUR 1500
Number of days 1,5


The Enea® Hypervisor is a virtualization solution, running a guest OS together with Enea OSE®. With the Enea Hypervisor you can combine executive environment applications with operating system support such as boot, debug, fault isolation and communication.

The Hypervisor  training will give a thorough introduction to the Hypervisor solution. The training covers virtualization overview and Enea Hypervisor product design and implementation.

The training can be delivered as a workshop if the customer has specific use case challenges.



- Enable the customer to utilize the Hypervisor to its full potential and show how to maximize the hardware capability

- Enhance knowledge of the Hypervisor “under the hood” and its usage, in order to design and develop applications

- Discuss trade-offs related to performance, availability/reliability, fault isolation and shared services

- Understand technical benefits and cost of using a Hypervisor solution 

Who should attend?
Engineers and application developers, system and design, test, I&V staff, field support staff and project managers working related to the Hypervisor product.


The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is normally given in English.


Previous Knowledge
OSE and understanding of multicore technology.


Recommended following courses
OSE Multicore training and in depth product workshops.

Course Contents

General Theory
- Virtualization overview – a technical map
- Hypervisor – a way to achieve Virtualization
- Restart domains – benefit of a Hypervisor technique
- Use case
- Alternative configurations and types – differences / pros and cons
- Abstraction levels (Full and para-virtual devices, direct access) – differences / pros and cons

Hypervisor product – Overview and Application Development 
- Practical information – what’s included in the Enea Hypervisor product
- Hypervisor product – ambition and objectives
- Enea Hypervisor architecture
- Guest OS (Linux / OSE)
- Application considerations
- Logging and Trouble Shooting of the Enea Hypervisor

Hypervisor product – Under the Hood
- Enea Hypervisor design
- Boot of Hypervisor
- Shared Services and Guest OS support – impact on guest OS, what can be achieved in terms of
-       Performance

-       Capabilities

-       SW effort

-       Visibility

-       Memory protection

-       Re-start

-       Shared memory

-       LINX over shared memory

-       Ethernet

-       File System

-       Console

-       Upgrades
- Performance and compatibility vs. fault isolation
- Requirement on OS and HW support
- HW virtualization support
- Cache architecture

Standard courses or on request

Our Training offer includes both standard courses and customized courses, developed and held on request.

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