LINX, LWRT, OSECP and other Enea components

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Price SEK 4 500 / USD 700 / EUR 500
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For all Enea proprietary Linux components, we offer half-day in-depth technical training modules describing how to use, configure, optimize, test and debug the provided functionality.


Available modules include:

  • LINX - Distributed transparent IPC for communication between cores, boards or nodes running the same or different OSes (eg Linux, OSE, OSEck etc)
  • LWRT - Light-Weight Realtime Threads which let you partition your system and reach full real-time characteristics in your Linux system
  • OSECP - OSE Compatibility Layer including eg OSE APIs in a Linux environment


These modules are held by the technical experts who created the technology. Please contact us for more details!

To help the customer make the most of the Enea technology

Who should attend?

The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is normally given in English.


Previous knowledge


Standard courses or on request

Our Training offer includes both standard courses and customized courses, developed and held on request.

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