Linux Real-Time Fundamentals

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Interested in using Linux in a system facing real-time requirements? Migrating to Linux from an RTOS system? Then you need to understand the real-time properties of Linux.
This course presents the mechanisms behind Linux real-time behavior.

We discuss possible challenges that we may encounter when using Linux in a real-time system and a number of possible ways to handle them.
This course is very suitable for persons experienced in the RTOS world, but new to Linux.


To present and discuss how Linux could be used to implement RT.
After the training, the students should be ready to handle the real-time aspects of their specific Linux systems.

Who should attend?
Anyone about to start working with Linux in a real-time or embedded environment, who is interested in understanding more about RT possibilities in Linux.

The course documentation is written in-house in English. The course is normally given in English.


Previous knowledge
The students should have experience from real-time systems. Linux experience is not required.

Recommended following courses
Implementing embedded solutions with Yocto Linux.

Course Contents

 Brief introduction to the Linux terminology
• Real-time requirements
RTOS vs. non RTOS
• Mechanisms behind the real-time properties (scheduling, memory management, etc.)
• Improving the real-time properties
• System level solutions




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