The only Linux training partner you need! Build-Your-Own embedded training or choose from the market-widest offering of the Linux Foundation.

Enea Embedded Linux Training

Pre-packaged or Build-Your-Own

  • Embedded Linux Development with Yocto

    This five-day package covers all aspects of embedded Linux development - kernel development, kernel modules, driver development, device handling, threads, memory handling, GNU tools for development and debug, profiling, cross-platform development and building your own distribution with Yocto. [5 days] Read more

  • Build-Your-Own Concept

    With ENEAs unique Build-Your-Own Emedded Linux Training concept you can combine a number of Main and Supplementary modules to configure the exact training your team needs, depending on your project, previous knowledge and time budget. Read more

Main Modules - choose one or two days

  • Linux Kernel and Driver Development with Enea Linux

    The training presents the essential theoretical and practical elements required in order to be proficient in a Linux kernel development environment. After the training, the student should be understand, implement and perform Linux kernel related development and debug assignments. ID: ELKD1 [1 day] ELKD2 [2 days] Read more

    • Stockholm ELKD1 (in combo with ELAD1 and ELY1) 15 Jun 2015 Register
  • Building Custom Linux Distributions with Yocto

    The training provides an in-depth introduction to “The Yocto Project” Linux distribution management framework. The training provides a ground-up, hands-on learning experience on Yocto Linux distributions. ID ELY1 [1 day] ELY2 [2 days] Read more

  • Application Development and Debug with Enea Linux

    The training provides the basic/medium knowledge required to be proficient in several open-source software technologies used today, along with the usage of the software tools required to accomplish this goal. ID: ELAD1 [1 day] ELAD2 [2 days] Read more

Supplementary Modules

  • Linux Real-Time Fundamentals

    Interested in using Linux in a system facing real-time requirements? This training offers a crash course in the most important real-time aspects of a Linux system and tips on how to optimize them. [0,5 days] Read more

  • Understanding FOSS Licensing and Compliance

    The course is a half-day introduction to the world of FOSS licensing, where you will gain understanding of fundamentals like copyright, public domain, derivative work, patents and how patents are applied to software. You will also learn how different software licenses are classified. [0,5 days] Read more

  • LINX, LWRT, OSECP and other Enea components

    For all Enea proprietary Linux components, we offer half-day in-depth technical training modules describing how to use, configure, optimize, test and debug the provided functionality. These modules are held by the technical experts who created the technology. Please contact us for more details! [0,5 days] Read more

Linux Foundation Training

Embedded Linux

  • Developing with GIT

    Learn the fundamental concepts behind the Git version control system. Practice how to create, manipulate and share Git repositories with hands-on lab exercises. [2 Days] Read more

Linux System Administration

  • Linux KVM Virtualization

    Gain the background needed to understand how KVM and related open source components can be assembled to create an entire virtual IT infrastructure, acquire practical KVM deployment skills and understand how to built virtualization solutions from scratch by coupling KVM with tools such as oVirt, libvirt and OpenStack. [4 Days] Read more

  • OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment

    Understand and learn how to deploy a private cloud using the OpenStack project, implement a state-of-the-art private cloud design, learn about cloud computing benefits and challenges seen in today’s enterprise environments. [4 Days] Read more


  • An Intro to Android Internals

    Android development training that provides a hands-on tour of the internals of the Android operating system for mobile devices. Attendees learn the ins and outs of the Android anatomy including the Android framework, hardware abstraction layer, the Binder inter-process communication and power management. [4 Days] Read more

Open Source Compliance Training

  • Practical Guide to the Open Source Development Model

    The goal of this course is to help organizations maximize their internal efficiency once they have decided to contribute to or create an open source project. [1 Day] Read more

  • Implementation and Management of Open Source Compliance

    Adapt compliance activities to your organization's needs with this comprehensive open source compliance course that provides in-depth guidance on implementing an open source compliance program. Course topics include: disclosure obligations, source code distribution mechanisms, corporate code contributions, adaptation of existing processes, open source compliance tools and automation and much more. [2 Days] Read more


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