Enea Training Spring 2016

Accelerate your development this spring with training from Enea! We are Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partners and can offer the widest training curriculum on the market, relating to Linux development and applied programming.

The following training classes have been scheduled at the specified locations. Let us know if you have any special demands on time and location, and build your own customized training plan, cherrypicking the courses you find the most relevant to your business!

Scheduled Linux Foundation classes

Linux Foundation training 2016

  • Developing Applications for Linux [LFD401]

    Learn how to develop applications for the Linux environment. In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with the necessary tools and methods for Linux application development and learn about the features and techniques that are unique to Linux.. [5 Days] Read more

  • Linux KVM Virtualization [LFS462]

    Gain the background needed to understand how KVM and related open source components can be assembled to create an entire virtual IT infrastructure, acquire practical KVM deployment skills and understand how to built virtualization solutions from scratch by coupling KVM with tools such as oVirt, libvirt and OpenStack. [4 Days] Read more

Scheduled Enea classes

Enea training 2016

  • Linux Kernel and Driver Development with Yocto Linux

    The training presents the essential theoretical and practical elements required in order to be proficient in a Linux kernel development environment. After the training, the student should be understand, implement and perform Linux kernel related development and debug assignments. ID: ELKD1 [1 day] ELKD2 [2 days] Read more

  • Application Development and Debug with Yocto Linux

    The training provides the basic/medium knowledge required to be proficient in several open-source software technologies used today, along with the usage of the software tools required to accomplish this goal. ID: ELAD1 [1 day] ELAD2 [2 days] Read more


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