RTOS and Software for TI OMAP-L137/138

Enea is the only software vendor with a complete, integrated software solution for the TI OMAP L137/138 family of system-on-chip processors.

Enea has a comprehensive software package for the TI OMAP-L137/138 application processor centered on the Enea OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system (RTOS) and Enea OSEck RTOS, optimized for DSPs.  Also for the OMAP-L137/138, Enea offers the high performance interprocess communications technology Enea LINX, as well as the Polyhedra in memory database management system. 

Enea has optimzied its offering for TI OMAP-L137/138 System on Chip:

  • A single programing tools environment across both the ARM and DSP nodes promoting ease of programming and rapid development
  • Comprehensive board support package
  • Full Optima Eclipse-based development tools framework for easy development and debugging

As the only embedded systems vendor offering realtime operating systems (RTOS) for both microprocessors and digital signal processors (DSPs), Enea is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive software platform for System-on-Chip devices like the Texas Instruments OMAP-L137/138.  The solution features the Enea OSE RTOS for ARM926, Enea OSEck optimized for TI C6000 DSPs, Enea® LINX, for Interprocess communication, and Enea® Optima development suite. For developers building low power applications with the TI OMAP-L137/138 the Enea solution provides a complete, production ready and fully supported system development environment based on a single programming model (API) and tools across all cores – reducing complexity, and accelerating development.

The Enea solution consists of:

Enea OSE: Multicore Realtime Operating System (RTOS)

Enea OSE is a modular, high-performance, full-featured real-time operating system optimized for complex distributed systems that require the utmost in availability and reliability. 

Enea OSEck

OSEck (OSE Compact Kernel) is a DSP-optimized version of Enea’s full-featured OSE RTOS. Occupying as little as 8 kbytes of memory, OSEck delivers fully-preemptive, event-driven, real-time response and features built-in error detection and handling.


Enea LINX provides reliable, high-performance, interprocess communications services that make complex distributed systems easier to conceptualize, model, partition, and scale.

Polyhedra in-memory DBMS

Polyhedra is a fault-tolerant, in-memory, SQL relational database management system (RDBMS). 

Enea Optima

Enea’s Eclipse-Based Optima Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a flexible, extensible platform for developing, debugging, building and deploying device software.

Enea's Complete Software Solution for the TI OMAP-L138

“With Enea’s new solution based on TI’s OMAP-L138 applications processor, customers immediately gain the powerful operation system support they need. Enea’s software platform will help OMAP-L138 developers achieve the integration, programmability and debugging ease that they require on the processor’s DSP and ARM cores.”

Joy Ji

OMAP-L1x product line marketing manager

Texas Instruments


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