RTOS and Software for NetLogic Microsystems XLS, XLR and XLP Processors

Enea has a comprehensive software package for the NetLogic Microsystems XLS, XLR and XLP processors centered on Enea OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system.  Also for NetLogic processsors, Enea offers the Enea Optima Development Suite, Enea LINX, a high performance interprocess communications technology and the Enea Bare Metal Performance Tools. 

Enea software offers an optimized, flexible and powerful multicore architecture for developers using NetLogic processors to build advanced communications equipment including routers, switches, radio network controllers and long term evolution (LTE) radio access nodes. 

Enea is ready to support your project on NetLogic including:

  • Advanced multicore realtime operating system optimized for NetLogic Microsystems XLS, XLR and XLP processor features
  • Enea Linux Platform Builder - SDK for NetLogic processors
  • Enea Bare Metal Performance Tools for optimized multicore performance 

Enea offers The award-winning Enea OSE Multicore Edition RTOS features an innovative kernel design that blends the ease of the use of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) with the performance and scalability of asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP). 

The ELPB-NetLogic Edition is a full featured Linux development environment for NetLogic Microsystems’ multi-core, multi-threaded processors that takes the developer from jumpstarting their project, into development and through to deployment.  The product contains an Eclipse-based framework offering a C/C++ development tool and GDB source level debugging tools.  Timesys LinuxLink, a proven environment with over 10 years of use and hundreds of customers, is utilized for easy configuration and build of the embedded Linux root file system.  Finally, an integrated pre-built SDK optimized for NetLogic Microsystems’ XLP, XLR and XLS processors, rounds out the package. 

Enea BMP Tools consists of an Eclipse-based host tools suite called Enea Optima, a set of run time libraries and agents for profiling and logging data collection, and an IPC (Interprocess Communications) mechanism called Enea LINX for transport of the collected data to the Optima host tool, or to an external file for later analysis.

Profiling helps developers optimize a slow performing application by visualizing runtime hardware constraints caused by the non-optimized source code. Enea BMP Tools provide two types of performance visualization tools targeting source code profiling and application profiling.  Source code profiling identifies at the source code level where constraints such as pipeline stalls, TLB misses and cache misses are causing sub-optimal performance, by matching these hardware events/counters to the source code at any level of the application function call tree, even down to individual lines of code in any given function. This includes overall CPU utilization of any function or line of code.  Application profiling creates and analyzes application software level statistics with the purpose of profiling the applications overall performance and behavior. Such statistics could be idle time, throughput statistics, extraneous hardware events, or any other user defined statistics that makes sense to the application.

In Enea’s BMP Tools, both text and binary log information may be collected in a single circular buffer that may be extracted either continuously or by discreet command. Log data may be forwarded directly to the host Optima tools suite for analysis or to an external termination point (file system) for later analysis. Log data may also be extracted “post mortem” after a crash to help debug the cause of the crash. The logging facility may be employed in both development and operational deployment for field debugging and troubleshooting.

“Enea’s Bare Metal Performance Tools, in conjunction with our XLP multi-core processor SDK, will enable customers to maximize performance of our breakthrough XLP processors in high-performance data plane applications. We are pleased to have expanded on our collaboration with Enea to closely couple a broad range of their market-leading software products with our industry-leading multi-core processors.” 

Chris O’Reilly, vice president of marketing at NetLogic Microsystems


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