RTOS and Software for Freescale QorIQ P2020

Enea has a comprehensive software package for the Freescale QorIQ® P2020 processor centered on Enea OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system and Enea Hypervisor.  Also for P2020, Enea offers the Enea Optima Development Suite, Enea LINX, a high performance interprocess communications technology and the Polyhedra in memory database management system.   

Enea software offers an optimized, flexible and powerful multicore architecture for developers using QorIQ processors to build advanced communications equipment including routers, switches, radio network controllers and long term evolution (LTE) radio access nodes. 

Enea is ready to support your project on Freescale QorIQ P2020 including:

  • Advanced Multicore realtime operating system optimized for Freescale P2020 features
  • Hypervisor supporting dual core P2020 architecture for legacy migration and flexibility
  • Integrated Enea Optima and Freescale Codewarrior development environment

Enea offers The award-winning Enea OSE Multicore Edition RTOS features an innovative kernel design that blends the ease of the use of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) with the performance and scalability of asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP).  Enea Hypervisor implements multiple high performance computing environments on top of multicore processors that benefiting developers of next generation network equipment with lower development costs by enabling hardware consolidation, increased performance in the system with higher throughput and shorter development time.

In addition to providing a powerful and portable application framework with maximum scalability for high speed processing applications, OSE Multicore edition is a fully featured RTOS with advanced software management, POSIX file systems and full IP networking support. OSE Multicore Edition features an additional level of optimization for the Freescale QorIQ DataPath Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) through an optional sand boxed "bare-metal" execution mode for individual cores, in which Enea enables customers to fully utilize Freescale's Netcom drivers in a run-to-completion loop for maximum packet processing performance.

OSE Multicore Edition is complemented by Enea Optima, a suite of system and application level debug and profiling tools that, integrated with Freescale's CodeWarrior® environment, showing the power of the Eclipse(TM) tools platform, and providing a single seamless suite of tools for all phases of system development, from board bring-up, through application development and tuning, to system integration and field debug support.

The Enea Hypervisor is based on the same microkernel technology as Enea OSE allowing applications written for Enea's flagship RTOS to run at native processor speeds without compromising any real-time critical properties, while taking as guests Linux Operating System and optionally semiconductor specific executive environments for bare-metal speed packet processing. This implementation is ideal for developers who want to take advantage of the proven power, speed and reliability of OSE, while also utilizing the vast ecosystem of third party software available on Linux.

"One of the strengths of the QorIQ family of multicore processors is the longstanding enablement support it has received from outstanding partners such as Enea.  We recognize the significant contributions that our third-party partners have made to the QorIQ ecosystem and applaud Enea's commitment to support the QorIQ multicore processor family with an outstanding enablement solution."

Raja Tabet, vice president of Software and Systems with Freescale's Networking and Multimedia Group


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