RTOS and Software for LSI Axxia Processors (ACP)

Enea has a comprehensive software package for the LSI(TM) Axxia(TM) Communication Processor (ACP) family centered on the Enea OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system.  Also for LSI ACP, Enea offers the Enea Optima Development Suite, Enea LINX, a high performance interprocess communications technology and the Polyhedra in memory database management system.  

 Enea software offers an optimized, flexible and powerful multicore architecture for developers using LSI ACP processors to build advanced communications equipment including wireless applications such as including video streaming, web browsing and high-quality digital voice

Enea is ready to support your project on LSI Axxia Communications Processors  including:

  • Advanced Multicore realtime operating system optimized for LSI ACP features
  • The Enea packet processing framework will simplify data plane acceleration for developers using the LSI ACP  
  • Integrated Enea Optima development environment

Enea support for the LSI Axxia family includes Enea OSE, a modular, high-performance, full-featured, real-time operating system optimized for complex multicore systems requiring the utmost in availability and reliability.  To take advantage of the latest multicore processors, Enea OSE is configured with a unique and innovative kernel design that combines the advantages of both traditional Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) and Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) while avoiding the disadvantages inherent in both programming models.

The Enea Optima tool suite builds on the open source Eclipse Platform and C/C++ development tools technology and provides advanced system level browsing, debugging, profiling and analysis tools that greatly simplify the debugging and optimization of large-scale distributed applications spanning multiple processing engines.  Finally, Enea supports the Axxia family with its packet processing framework, a portable, ANSI C compliant solution, which optimizes the data plane through a "bare-metal" execution model and the support for polled device drivers. The support is initially provided for UDP termination and IP forwarding.

LSI Axxia Communication Processors are capable of processing huge volumes of wireless traffic with low latency and no load on the CPU complex. Virtual Pipeline technology uses deterministic modeling and distributed queue management to optimize inter-processor message routing. The result is improved efficiency and less traffic congestion. In addition, this capability reduces CPU utilization and bottlenecks, and provides high-performance security processing. A comprehensive suite of development tools and application libraries with C-API enable rapid development and system integration for networking systems and complement a full range of Enea support.

"Enea is a well-known supplier of real-time operating systems employed in embedded and networking applications.  Early turnkey availability of Enea's OSE support for our Axxia Communication Processor family will enable our customers to rapidly develop scalable, next-generation, high-performance networking systems."

Tareq Bustami, multicore product line director, Networking Components Division, LSI


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