OSE Compatibility Platform

The OSE compatibility platform consists of a Linux OSEAPI layer that provides full Linux POSIX API, as well as OSE programming, inter-process communication and file system formats. And it is to be used as a complement to using the full OSE Real-Time operating system in cases where the level of determinism and worst-case latency (typically required in RTOS based systems) are not entirely required.

The OSE's efficient message passing communication mechanism and real-time scheduling model are implemented in OSEAPI, which allows OSE load modules to be compiled and run as Linux user-mode processes. These processes running within the OSEAPI environment in a Linux system will be able to communicate directly with both OSE 5 and OSE 4 remote nodes.

The OSEAPI layer is implemented as one OSEAPI daemon, and it is based on a proven-in-use OSE kernel functionality that runs in a user-space POSIX thread including a light-weight OSE scheduler. The OSEAPI daemon supports multiple OSE based applications on separate Linux processes, and it handles central as well as distributed OSEAPI resource management.

OSE Compatibility Platform

Within the OSE Compatibility Platform, Enea also provides the Enea® ExtFAT File System for Linux, using the same format as the OSE 5 ExtFM file system. The OSE ExtFAT on Linux component is independent of OSEAPI and based on FUSE, and it allows Linux applications to use the same media as OSE 5.

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