Enea On-Device Management

Enea’s On-Device Management is a feature-rich framework that provides all of the management functionality needed within a managed device, whether it is a single node or a distributed system.

On-Device Management involves the ability to configure, monitor, and control network devices. Managed devices can be configured by creating, modifying and deleting device configuration parameters, and acted upon by issuing action requests. 

Monitoring or collecting information when needed can be done by requesting the state from a managed device. Listening for unsolicited notifications of events and updates to alarm state removes the need for constant polling.

Enea On-Device Management overview

Northbound Interfaces

Managing entities (i.e. operational staff, management or orchestration systems) use Northbound Interfaces to perform network configuration, monitoring and control. These interfaces are responsible for providing access to Alarm, Performance, Inventory, Provisioning, Configuration and Security related information of managed devices.

Enea’s On-Device Management framework provides a rich set of northbound interfaces including: NETCONF, SNMP, XML-RPC and CLI. Standardized interfaces like NETCONF and SNMP enable support for true multi-vendor solutions. The northbound interfaces expose functionality that includes session/transaction/rollback support, RPC operations, and security; while providing a clean separation of configuration and operational (state) data. The CLI is an ‘auto rendered’ commercial grade command line interface without having to write any code.

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