Enea OSE is our fully featured realtime operating system optimized for distributed and fault-tolerant systems. It powers a wide range of embedded systems, from communication infrastructure and mobile phones to industrial control systems.

Enea Linux

Enea Linux is a Yocto-based Linux distribution available with services and support. In addition, Enea is offering technology allowing for realtime characteristics in Linux-based solutions, enhancing the performance in networking infrastructure.

Enea Middleware

The Element family of middleware frameworks provides the necessary capabilities to deliver scalable, manageable solutions that are highly available. In addition these frameworks enable fast time to market of solutions that are maintainable.

Enea Hypervisor

The Enea Hypervisor lets you run Enea OSE, Linux and realtime executive operating environments on the same multicore processor. Material costs are reduced by consolidating multiple system on to one chip.

More products from Enea

We are industry leaders in realtime operating systems with adhering products and platforms, addressing both the multicore shift as well as heterogenous systems.

In addition to the products featured above we offer:



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