Carrier-grade NFV platform

High-performance, highly available NFV platform based on OPNFV. Configured, integrated and hardened to be ready-to-go.

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NFV Infrastructure

We provide carrier-grade NFV infrastructure software based on OPNFV and OpenStack. It is optimized for the network edge and the vCPE use case. As an independent software vendor, we know the value our customers get from our multi-architecture support which includes both ARM and x86.

We offer commercialized solutions, meaning that we configure, extend, integrate and test our solutions to a degree where they are ready to be deployed in an operational environment. Our objective is to provide solutions that goes beyond what can be found in mainstream open source today when it comes to performance, completeness and security. We do it without compromising on open standards or flexibility.

White Paper: Virtual Probes for NFVI Monitoring

As operators transition to NFV, monitoring solutions need to adapt. The classic model, based on hardware probes and packet brokers, is not only challenged economically, but is also blind when it comes to monitoring traffic within the virtualization platform.

This white paper argues that in next-generation, NFV-based networks, the ability to monitor traffic and service performance is critical and should be available across both physical interfaces and virtual interfaces. The paper discusses how monitoring should be integrated with the NFVI and makes the case for a virtual probe (vProbe) function to be deployed between virtual network elements. This monitoring capability should offer standard application programming interfaces (APIs), supporting real-time online and offline views to higher-level analytics and management functions.

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For commercial users

To meet commercial requirements on robustness and time-to-market, we provide solutions that are configured, integrated and hardened. We provide full support and maintenance and we conduct a very solid security work, detecting and counteracting vulnerabilities, to protect our solutions and customers.

ETSI NFV compatible

Our NFV platforms are compatible with the ETSI NFV reference architecture. It secures compatibility and use of third party and open source components and products.

Builds on OPNFV and OpenStack

OPNFV is an open source project and the de facto standard for NFVI in telecom and networking. Enea is a top contributor and a leader in bringing up OPNFV on the ARM architecture. We take OPNFV as a basis and build on it to provide an extended and hardened version.

Deployment ready

Complete and ready for deployment in operational environments, our NFV software removes much of the complexity for operators in NFV projects. It reduce risk, cuts time, and lowers cost.

Onboarding services and additional NFV services

Through our services, we share our networking and NFV knowledge to help our clients speed up development, reduce project risks, and ultimately, get a better product to market faster. We provide services for proof-of-concepts in lab environments, and rollouts and deployment in operational environments.


Our NFV solutions are designed to secure mission-critical availability and reliability for networking and telecom. Through OPNFV extensive testing and validation is carried out. We add more integration testing and validate our solutions together with tier 1 and 2 operators.


We have optimized most components in the data plane and virtualization environment to maximize performance. As a result, we have brought down latency, increased throughput, and improved CPU utilization.

ARM and x86 support

Uniquely positioned as an independent software vendor, we support both ARM and x86 based COTS hardware from multiple vendors. Our multi-architecture, multi-vendor support enables using more cost efficient hardware.


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Proof of Concept for NFVI on ARM and x86

Enea has demonstrated a Proof-of-Concept for running an NFV platform on ARM and x86 based vCPE:s. The PoC was developed together with Lanner.

Enea runs its network virtualization software platform on a central office server that sets up and initiates a video call between two tablets; one connected to an x86 based device, and one connected to an ARM based device. The PoC highlights how data can stream between two efficient white box vCPE devices without putting a load on nodes in the network.

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