Enea LINX Interprocess Communication (IPC)

Enea LINX provides transparent, reliable, high-performance, interprocess communications services that make complex distributed systems easier to conceptualize, model, partition, and scale.

LINX is the only IPC technology that scales from DSPs and microcontrollers to 64-bit CPUs. This is thanks to the use of a direct message passing model.

All distributed system topologies are supported. Everything from a single processor on a single blade, to large networks with complex cluster topologies deployed on hundreds of processors in a multi-rack system.

System-wide inter-process communication

LINX eliminates the need to use multiple IPC services in the same system. It can even act as a transport for bearer protocols such as UDP and TCP, and is efficient enough to work with DSPs.

Application processes distributed across multiple operating systems, CPUs, and interconnects communicate in a seamless fashion, as if they were running on the same CPU under the same operating system.

Enea LINX IPC Architecture

Scaling and reconfiguration made easy

LINX provides the same services to the application regardless of hardware, operating system, physical interconnect, or network topology. This consistency and transparency makes distributed applications easy to partition and develop. Reconfiguration and scaling is made with minimal changes to the application code.

Supervisioning and failure reporting

The availability of distributed systems is enhanced by providing supervision and failure reporting for designated connections, both for physical CPU interconnects and logical connections between endpoints.

Supported Operating Systems and architectures

Linux (from 2.6.9 to latest kernels): 
PowerPC, x86, ARM/Xscale, MIPS

OSE (from 5.3.1):
PowerPC, ARM/Xscale, MIPS

Freescale MSCxxxx, TI C64x+, and others

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