Incentive program

Share savings program 2014

The AGM approved the Board’s proposed introduction of a share savings program covering a maximum of 93 senior managers, other key employees and certain other employees in Enea, active in Sweden. The participants of the share savings program will, after a qualification period and provided an own investment in ENEA-shares, be given the opportunity to gratuitous receive allotment in further Enea-shares, whose number depends on the number of Enea-shares in own investment, and if specific performance requirements are met. The qualification period is about three years.

Employee stock purchase plan 2012

The AGM approved the Board’s proposed employee stock purchase plan comprising a maximum of 132 employees. The participants in the Plan will, following a qualification period and conditional upon a personal investment in Enea shares, be given the opportunity to receive further shares in Enea, such number of shares being dependent of the number of Enea shares invested in, and subject to certain performance requirements to be fulfilled. The qualification period for the Plan is approximately three years.


[Feb 9] Annual statement

[Apr 26] Interim report Q1

[Jul 19] Interim report Q2

[Oct 24] Interim report Q3

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